Kap is now the face of Nike

I hope that Reebok comes back with an Alejandro Villanueva ad.

yeezy and kylie jenner is with adidas.

i forgot who that was and thought of charlie villanueva and was like wut hes still in the league?

Yeezy knows his politics, gonna grab a pair next time i need some shoes.

Good point, we do need to have both sides. And if there’s one thing lacking in American football, it’s support for the flag, troops and war.

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Marketing people are long term thinkers. Theory is that Nike and Kap were together all along. Nike planned and sponsored the kneeling protests, this is just continuation of a campaign that started a year ago

politics really shouldn’t matter. It’s a shoe. Anyways who cares about whether someone kneels or not. Cops will still jump the gun on the blacks.

Unsurprisingly, no-one has thought about the fact that Nike has a global reach and only c.40% of their revenue comes from the US. Once you also deduct the US coasts and the people in other states with the ability for critical thought that’s say 15-20% of their revenue base that they’ve pissed off and say 80-85% of their revenue base who will likely think positively about the advertising campaign.

From a non-US perspective, the almost religious level zealotry regarding the flag, the extremely narrow definition of ‘freedom’ seems completely alien and almost adolescent to the rest of the world.

^It’s easy to not care about your military when your military is relatively worthless.

Let’s put it this way–last year, the Steelers decided that the whole team was going to stay inside during the national anthem. One player came out to pay respect to the flag–Alejandro Villanueva. Overnight, his jersey became the best-selling jersey in the NFL.

For like a day it was. That’s what’s so funny about people losing their sh*t because they lost $270 in capital gains on one day in history. Get over it people I know your petty crybaby side wants to feel like this will matter but frankly it won’t, Nike knows it. They also know ruffling feathers once in awhile is good for a brand’s edginess. It may come as a shock but being seen as the official footwear of old cargo short wearing white men and NARC’s isn’t a recipe for long term earnings power in the apparel world. Anyhow, your boycott will matter as much as the Yuengling boycott by liberal crybabies during the election. If there is one moral to all of this story it has nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with the fact that you and all of your petty tantrums are all meaningless.

Literally Greenie telling the Villanueva story…



Seems strange coming from BS…

It is pretty crazy how little discussion there is about why they are kneeling. Kneeling is about as benign as a protest can get, yet there is this narrative getting everyone spun up about it. It’s a game, entertainment. There is no reason to play the anthem at all. Being forced to stand for the national anthem, forced patriotism, is pretty unpatriotic.

But, this is America, where every morning in school we:

“pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

lest we all slip into atheist communism.

Typical American response. You guys really can’t handle anyone questioning your beliefs and customs without automatically getting defensive and trying to assert that America is the best at everything.

and what constitutes a worthy military? Does a country need to spend over 50% of their budget whilst neglecting social security, mental health care and education to be deemed worthy?

You also proved my point. kneeling during an anthem doesn’t equate to not caring about your military unless you view freedom and patriotism in an incredibly simplified way.

I think I can pick out the guy who wears the “USA UNDEFEATED IN WORLD WARS” t-shirt.

The American flag represents the country and not the military, conflating it with the military is a misnomer for simple minds. In the same way the national anthem is not the US Marine Corp song. Is it possible all of these people that say they sacrificed for something as meaningless as a cloth were bound to exit the gene pool anyway? Or is it about what it means? In which case stop policing speech by dictating what means what to who, snowflake. Everyone’s for freedom of speech as long as they agree with it or freedom as long as that freedom means everyone cheers and claps for a nationalist song no matter how they feel about it. Lastly, to Griingo’s point the US military stopped defending freedom and became an overpriced boondoggle filled with GI Joes used as mercenaries to push US political interests fifty years ago at the expense of the average American citizen.

there was a yuengling boycott after the election? never heard of it. anytime i see a bar with it on tap in nyc i make sure to order, solid brew that reminds me of PA


One of America’s wealthiest beermakers is in hot water after voicing support for Donald Trump.