Knicks over celtics by 5


lets go Comp Sci! The two most hated franchises Lakers and Celtics must go down.

i fukin hate carmelo anthony …last 4 possession what do we get …a forced three quick into the shot clock while we are up by one…an offensive foul on the elbow trying to get the ball and finally a long distance contested three pointer …and this is our saviour…he gives us no ball movement just iso slow plays and please dont start me yup on his D …sigh

what was up with that last shot, he nonchalantly just let it go up without setting up a play.

no timeouts but still he should have been able to get a better shot…im so pi$$ed …dammit!

^probably doesn’t help your mood that Billups is questionable for game 2… Hopefully the C’s can use this series to gel as a team and make their run for Banner 18. The Knicks are a good warmup before the real playoffs begin.

Yea, knicks gave this away. On the bright side I think they played well for most of the game and if they continue can definitely beat the Celtics. That 360 baseline layup by Stoudemire was ridiculous. No comment on 'Melo.

Stoudemire is a beast. Poor guy will never win a championship though.

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Stoudemire is a beast. Poor guy will never win a > championship though. i got to say STAT has impressed me in handling the move to the big apple…an absolute beast of a player esp in light of 2 microfracture surgeries…he obviously reponds well to rest

I just want to know WHY did they go to Melo at the end and not to Stoud… i just don’t get it…

they clearly panicked …toney douglas brings up the ball and didnt want to chance an entry pass …this is where billups would have made a huge difference with his experience under pressure…

Is Billups a game time decision?

Hasn’t been ruled out but “very questionable”. I’ll call the sweep right now. Tonight will be a gimme for the C’s. Eek out a tough win in NYC in game 3 and then the Knicks will give up at half of game 4.

…I’ll take the other side of that. Want to bet 10 imaginary AF dollars?

i need odds, but sure.

Either way, you make them:) I do think you’re right about tonight, though I hope you’re wrong.

i’ll see three 0-2’s tonight

Knicks are disgusting to watch.

Like I said, a gimme :wink:

wake2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Knicks are disgusting to watch. as an arsenal fan i can assure you while they are disgusting there is certainly worse