Kremlin supposedly told journalists to prepare for "major announcement"

I bet turns out Putin is gay.

Putin is going to fight a bear before the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

You owe me a new keyboard, dude. My current one is now hypercaffeinated. :wink:

Major illness?

That’s been hinted at in the past few days.

Of course it had to be Friday

Radiation poisoning?

officially declaring war against Ukraine?

Kadyrov dismissed?

That would be brilliant, he is pretty damn camp in a lot of the staged mountain man photos

Have you seen the Russian special forces uniforms? I recently saw a clip of them breaking up a pride parade and you genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between the special forces and the marchers.

Well, if Putin has terminal cancer, I guess it shows why he’s upped his aggression. He’s unlikely to live long in a world that isn’t nuclear ashpile, so why not have some fun before he goes out…

Is there a link? Normally ZH or Drudge would be all over this. Neither has anything.

maybe Putin’s dead.

this "Kremlin supposedly told journalists to prepare for “major announcement” is exactly the phraseology used right before the media was informed that Kim Jong Il died.

Heads of Gazprom will be fired is my guess

He supposedly has not been seen in public for more than a week.

Petrodollar warfare people! We tanked oil (with Saudi Arabia’s help), Russian oligarchs got pissed and killed/ are killing Putin.

putin ok just had brunch with him earlier. prob some nonsense about taking over romania or poland

Another rumor I’ve seen is that he’s finally had a baby with his girlfriend, Kabaeva. If this is the case we may see the rouble strengthen as the line of succession will be clearer.


Isn’t that boy a toddler already?