L3 Results Day Plans

Waiting isn’t the best feeling, but it probably feels a lot better than receiving a fail on results day. Anyone have any plans on results day pass or fail? I took the day off and am planning to relax, play some games, eat good food and have some drinks. If it’s a pass it will be a celebration and if it’s a fail it will help keep my mind off it at least for a day.

Why are people taking offs and treating this as something that big? Come to third world countries man, and take some of our competitive exams. Then you will understand what true high stakes exams and results are. And how petty CFA results are in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, the exams are certainly not easy to pass, but considering 54/100 will pass, it is much much likely to pass. I kid you not I have given some really high stakes exams with selection ratio being 1/100 & even worse. Results day for such exams are days when you panic and take off. Not CFA, my man

Why would you take the day off if there is a 99% chance that you failed some high stakes exam from a third-world country?


Will probably take a half day regardless of the result and hit up the brewery within walking distance of my house. And by half day I mean leave at 9:05 AM.

Yea, I guess I see your point…but taking a day off of work isn’t a big deal at all. I’m doing it because I can/want to. I’m not going to light 300 candles and form a prayer group.

And why would you do that even for an exam where there is a 46 Percent chance of failure?

Hahaha no holding back

Hahaha. You are ‘lit’ af

^ You need to take your negativity away from this forum. I believe you weren’t held at a gunpoint and made to register. If you hate it so much, should’ve stopped at L1. And, your exams in the third world countries doesn’t change the fact that CFA is one of the toughest exams. Those exams that you speak of are limited to the particular country itself while this is on a global level. And, passing them doesn’t guarantee success or good pay in life.

You’re comparing apples to oranges – but I’ll bite.

Because if you and a couple of people from work sat for the same exam in the same year, then chances are someone at that company *didn’t* pass. And if you don’t feel very confident about how you performed on that exam, then maybe you don’t want to be in the company of others who are congratulating each other for passing.


The exams which I’ve passed do guarantee good pay, of course PPP adjusted. And if you think passing CFA would GUARANTEE success in life, I really am not sure about your mental age. The only way I have erred embarking on CFA program is I thought it will make me better at investing somehow at the end. Now, at the cusp of level 3 I find that’s not the case and hence the ‘negativity’

Then I assume you take a day off every time annual promotions are due in your office. And you took a day off in school every time a girl you asked for prom rejected you and agreed to go with some other guy . Because you know, you don’t want to be in company of other people who are killing it when you’re not. Because you are a softie and escaping is your default reaction to everything tough in life. I can only offer my best wishes to you. :slight_smile:

Hey cupcake- try to stay on topic and don’t take things too personal.


Says someone who went around targeting multiple posts of mine across the forums making remarks on my country, job, university. Congrats, you have really won at life.

We all know none of the exams guarantee anything unless the charter/degree holder makes proper use of the knowledge. CFA program definitely provides a wealth of investment knowledge- make use of it or not completely depends on us, I guess. My previous director at work was let go from the bank I work for. He had a prestigious MBA and was a charterholder for more than 10 years. Our bank gave him a secondment option for more than a year to facilitate a transition for him. Not sure why, but he couldn’t land any other job and ended up getting a package from company. I can’t blame CFA program for him not moving on following a department restructure!

So, why didn’t you practice investing? Did you expect CFAI to tell you what to invest and when? I apply fundamental analysis all the time. over the past two years I have a return of 66% (excluding dividend reinvestment) which is from a low base, but still. I am much more interesting at events when i talk about actually applying a model, stag profits from a recent IPO or research than chatting about equity val models from a CFA reading. If anything, after studying for this I am much more able to read and synthesize a large amount of material quickly.

Anyone can pass these exams with enough preparation and effort; however, most people lack the commitment. Personally, I was studying for CA, CFA and FRM at the same. I was doing a CA exam 1.5weeks before my L2 exam. Doing an FRM exam in nov and then doing a CA exam in Dec 3 weeks later. I could say that someone just studying for the CFA exam has it easy but i don’t and in no way is it apples to apples.

Out of curiosity what was the 1/100 exam you did?


One is this. A couple more like this.

But I do see your point.

Looks like your problem is jumping to conclusions and staying negative. When did I say CFA guarantees success? As far as your IIT and IIM go, prove me all the students in those top 3 colleges as you said get success, high packages, then I’ll believe you.

Chill. Got nothing to prove, bro. Especially to you. I’ll save myself the trouble, and stop the argument here, at least from my side.

Because you had none to begin with “bro”. Also, putting your IIT and IIM on a pedestal and degrading CFA life that won’t get you anything in real life. You are only demeaning the course and the people who work hard to clear the exam. Maybe instead of being a whiny kid if you actually put effort in enhancing your skills, you would’ve found the success you are looking for. Thank you very much.