Lack of motivation

Hope everyone is well - it’s been a while Its approaching that time again, the time to dust off the books that the CFA so efficiently shipped all those months ago when I was still keen after my level 1 success. A couple of months down the line and I feel that my motivation to tackle level 2 is waning. It feels like a mountain to climb and I’m standing at base station level 1 nobody at the moment Anyone else registered for the lvl 2 June and now seriously considering not sitting it?

Watch Pursuit of Happyness… American Flyers does it for me as well…something about vintage Kevin Costner with the mustache just makes me want to crack the books.

Personally, I don’t quite like the movie - The Pursuit of Happiness, it just way too cheesy…(still asking myself why I went to see it in last Christmas) RCourtney, Here we go another cheesy line “Only loser is who does not even try~~” (from so many movies…last one I heard is probably from Little Miss Sunshine…). Don’t waste your money, let’s see how much you can accomplish in this time. Nothing much to lose~

As you well know, the money spent is a sunk cost! Should not even be considered.

I can definitely relate, sitting down and reading the CFAI sections on ethics is a real trial right now. But I try not to dwell on the hardships. I just sit down, not thinking about fatigue or time, and just follow my study plan and accomplish what needs to be done each night. There are just too many excuses on why it can’t be done, so I just block them out. We’re all in this together!

I watch Wall Street and Boiler Room, but I never watch the endings when they go to jail.

Did you watch Dorothy waking up back in Kansas?

Lack of motivation? First off, you have plenty of time. Second, pick yourself up, quit being a wuss, and prepare to study. Level 2 is, without doubt, one of the most difficult tests you’re going to take. Just roll up your sleaves and get to work. No other way around it.

Rocky 1, best movie for motivation

Chariots of Fire!

(Rocky 1, best movie for motivation) i prefer Rocky IV…On the Stairs ‘I’m a figher…blah blah blah…’ makes me want to jump in my lambo

I don’t quite understand, you passed Level I, that itself is a d*mn good reason to start studying hard for Level II!! Honestly, I don’t think your motivation is down… you are just sick at the thought of going through the grueling process again, which is understandable, we all are/were! But once you start reading and finish the first 50-60 pages, you should get over that! And in case it helps, many people have already started and are probably 1/3 done! I myself just finished reading Ethics and will go to library and study Quant now. Like some people above pointed out, this is much harder than Level I, and you need to start early and be more dedicated. Postpone your “no motivation” till you are done with (and passed) Level III! Otherwise, you risk failing, which in this case would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. -ron-

coffee and aderall my friend…learn it…live it…love it only in America can you buy motivation in a little plastic container.

Seb25 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > (Rocky 1, best movie for motivation) > > i prefer Rocky IV…On the Stairs ‘I’m a > figher…blah blah blah…’ makes me want to jump > in my lambo It seems I am not a really old man in this forum. I prefer Rocky III. Rocky experienced some down time before he recovered to fighting status. I am taking some CFA related course to keep myself study.

Rocky IV without question. I mean, what other movie can say it ended the cold war?

I like to make it rain at the ballet…then hit the books.

Listen to “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky. Preferably after watching the movie. Also, do some calculations of how much money you hope to make someday and convince yourself that, with the CFA Charter, you will be making that much.

Read “The Terminator” post on here. If that doesn’t get you pumped up, nothing will. (sorry, too lazy to find the link)

XSellSide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Read “The Terminator” post on here. If that > doesn’t get you pumped up, nothing will. > > (sorry, too lazy to find the link) that’s a good post I agree - but the rocky post is nearly as good (where the GF wakes to say ‘pass’)

The lack of motivation is because its October. Dude, don’t think of the CFA right now, think of enjoying yourself for the next three months (whatever your interests and hobbies are, whether you are a big drinker and partier, an avid reader, maybe a skier or a rock climber) and then pick up your books in January after you are well rested and mentally prepared and motivated for the task at hand. pursuit of happyness - very cheesy… boiler room, wall street, rocky IV are definites and if any of you wrestled, Vision Quest is a good one!