Last day that you're going to study?

Think Wednesday is going to be the last day for me. Brain is fried and I need some time to recharge, despite the fact that i’d still like to do some last minute cramming. So what are you guys going to do? Cram until the day of, or give yourself time to recharge? Good luck to all of the AFers on Sat. Sure many of you will pass.

Going hard until Friday, primarily tomorrow and Thursday on ethics (mostly ROS) some derivatives also.

Friday I am pretty much getting a massage, playing some drums, grilling out and passing out early.

ROS is exactly what i’m going to study on Wednesday. Plan sounds fun on Friday. As for myself, i’m going to go for a run on Friday so i’ll be clear headed for Sat.

dude, I’m a drummer too. Did we just become best friends?

My last day will be Thursday… Then I will probably review some flash cards for 20 minutes on Friday.

Going hard until Friday, light casual review all day Friday.

I’m reviewing some topics this last week, will study until Friday (gonna do some quick review on FRA and Equity this Friday). Friday night I plan to have sex with my lady, drink a bottle of beer, and then sleep like a baby.

Now that’s a good plan for Friday night

That would be a good plan for any night

Not really, sometimes one just wanna drink beer, eat pizza and play video-game lol!

Just make sure you don’t do all the work LOL same reason I have not been lifting too hard in the gym.

Hi All, on a different note… on CFAI website, how I get statistics on performance against peers at online mock exams? I mean my X% performance is in best Y% of testers, etc. Thanks!

Most likely I will study on Friday too. Unlike most people here my approach is different and I never took any mocks although I took practice problems to time myself (average 90 seconds per question).

Did both section 90 minutes early on both sessions for L1 and did really well. I do not believe in fried brain assuming I eat healthy, get enough sleep and take rest during the day (between study sessions). This week I took a week off from work to get ready.

Let`s do this!

Go to “Practice Questions and Mock Exams”. On the “Home” tab you will see your percentile rank. I believe it averages both the practice problems and mock exams, though.

Going to study hard until Thursday night, then light reviewing on Friday morning (Ethics ROS, some FRA stuff, Equity and FI equations) and then probably a really long run to help me sleep at night.

Will do the ethics topic test and go through my note cards on Friday morning but will stop everything at noon.

Will go through Thursday w/ very light half day Friday (only going to review ethics and ROS). Good luck everyone!

@MRL: Thanks, I get it!

yes sir! What kind of kit? You would think musicians and finance don’t go together but the most rockstar associate at my old firm played 4 instruments

and guys I’ve been playing guitar for over a decade. What do you say we become international rockstars?