Last Item you wasted money on

I got an Oakley kitchen sink back pack,completely useless, makes you look like a turtle, has a lot of useless space and ks generally shit. I regret my purchase.

I was at the liquor store and impulse purchased a bottle of cristal (I rarely drink wine, much less champagne). After I got home, I took a big pot, filled it up with water and ice, chilled it, drank the entire bottle, and went to bed. Was a random weeknight.

bought a bumble date coffee today even though i didn’t like her. what a waste

Montegrappa Chaos Gold and Enamel Automatic Watch

Bought an okcupid date 2 beers. I’d have rather had her 2 beers + my 2 beers.

I bought a Tumi briefcase because the sales girl was cute. The briefcase was later stolen… I then bought a nicer Tumi briefcase, but I can’t use it because it is too nice.

Starbucks Chili Mocha frappucino. Sweet Christmas, it was terrible!!! Never again!!! no no no

F-ING $3.50 for a large decaf at Starbucks. Literally go to the gas station next door now. $2.00 for a 24 Oz decaf and it tastes much better, seriously.

How did you feel in the morning?

Are you the ex car salesman dude?

+1. Starbucks coffee is crap. Went to a coffee bean farm in Costa Rica and the guys there shows the different quality of beans. They showed the crappy stuff with twigs & rocks in it that mcdonalds buys, the mid grad, and the high grade. They noted that Starbucks purchases really good beans, and then in one fell swoop they ruin it by over roasting the beans and wasting perfectly good high quality beans.

I bought like 4 suits literally the day before I decided to get in shape. I wore one of them once, sold them all a year later for pennies.

Starbucks purposely over roasts the beans. It is a conscious strategy to ensure consistency across their hundreds of stores. Otherwise, they would have to train thousands of Pakistani guys and high school students to hipster or English major level perfection in coffee preparation.

Its obviously done on purpose or they would change it. Still taste terrible due to it. I understand people who like coffee-esque drinks from there, they look interesting at least but I prefer straight coffee

I’m not a good consumer, don’t buy much of anything, but I’ll join in the SBUX slamming!

Ended all business with these guys years ago, I don’t even want to think about the TVM losses, I could have invested all that in A-shares instead of questionable tasting overpriced coffee. Now we use a Bialetti Mocha Pot, and coffee beans that aren’t burnt.

sbux best iced coffee

I have a Bialetti, as a paisan im a bit disappointed in the necessary cleanup.

This stopped being true like 6 years ago. Starbucks doesn’t overroast their beans any longer (Then again, I usually get their medium roast pike place). It’s quite good and I don’t think any of these hipster places in NY are notably better. I quite like their Americanos…

I love Starbucks. It’s always there when I need to pee

Slight headache but on time the next day to work, not fazed, worked hard all day. And yes, your memory is big league.

Hard cherry Coke. Yes I did purchase this. It is disgusting. I will pitch it to every random chick that stops by… 5 bottles left