Leads please

Guys, Got laid of from ML yesterday. I worked in their Tech strategy group and have been trying to break into research without much luck. If anyone has any leads for Research jobs anywhere in the country , please let me know. Finished Level II past June and have an MBA from Stern. Appreciate any help you guys can provide. I also have a writing sample and a an earnings model that I can send over . Thanks.

look for a job outside finance brah.

move to Baltimore

How do you feel about the deep south ?

Sorry we’re looking for a private banker. Willy

Baltimore is fine and so is deep South. Atleast ,I will get that 4-year counter towards the charter going.

what is tecnical strategy?

By the way sorry to hear you got laid off. Hope you find something soon

why baltimore?? thats where i am right now…pls advise!

Sorry to hear that man. GL finding a new job!

SteveOW is my new favorite poster.

The job market outside NYC is much better, probably not great by any means, but way better than NYC right now. Not saying it will be easy for Taz to find a research job, I’m just saying that to increase his chances he should look at other cities.

everybody i know from stern is getting laid off. go talk to damadoran for help !

how can damadoran help?

Overstatement of the day…Everybody from stern is getting laid off

Wasnt the statement about everyone the poster knew? I dont know much of his personal life, but I guess you do?

You’re right that’s what it says, my mistake. Sorry daj224

i forgive you, papa

aite, *makes a mental note to avoid stern when applying for b-school* haha… any chicago GSB or wharton people getting laid off? :o

Try the CFAI jobline. It’s about $40 for a ton of postings, some of which are in research. That is the most comprehensive source you are going to find. I got a research job off the site, as did my friend who worked at WaMu (he jumped early lol).