Lehman pays top notch

got offer today and was much more then I thought it would be.

Lehman? Who? What’s a Lehman?


Goldenboy, don’t you mean http://lehmanbros.com/ ???

what’s the position and how much do you get paid?

i actually did not know anyone that worked there previously. it is in energy

how much do you get paid?

and how much of it is in options?

32% more then I made at my last job. no options turned down GS…

goldenboy09 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 32% more then I made at my last job. > > no options just answer the question!


Why not answer it? It is the internet so honestly no one can verify or even take it for truth. You could throw any number out there…

not my style kid

HAHA, well since no one really knows who you are or if you even have a job, I guess I dont see why…best of luck with the “new job”.


lol you’re something i tell ya you’re like that annoying kid who would say “i have a secret nah nah nah nah! but i’m not telling you!” pointless thread

then dont reply simple

i contributed to the thread under the pretense that you wouldn’t be that annoying kid :smiley:

let me guess, you moved from a back office assistant at citi that pays $30k to lehman for a senior back office assistant that pays $39k?

why bill… your right not… before you know it I will be at 42k if I am lucky. you can get my coffee anything