Let us decide a week and give elan mocks together in the same week.Is it ok guys??

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is this for real?

This guy is becoming a posting legend

can I join with my level 1 mocks?

rahul rahoy is Mr. CFA… dude recited the put-call parity in his sleep

stil dont understand when the foreigners on this website say “give an exam”… how do you “give the elan mock”… you mean take the elan mock…

mb he is giving exams to homless bc elan is worthless

and you haven’t yet lived if you’ve not read the jokes he posts on the water cooler forum. the guy is a machine. Scoring in the 80s on mocks in mid april, crackin jokes like he’s dave chappelle, i wouldn’t be surprised if he flies Kate Upton in for the weekends, too. Rahul Roy is the Indian Chuck Norris.

So when is the date that we are giving the exams together?

Rahul Roy needs to go into competition with Elan Guides

I’m planning on taking one of the Elan mocks on Sunday, May 11th. I’m trying to get 3 Schweser mocks under my belt before one of the Elan mocks. It sounds like the Elan mocks are quite a bit more difficult.

“Scored a 90% Elan Mock, am I okay for exam?” - rahul roy May 10, 2014

Oh great!!!

I will take the mock between 10-14 th May as well.

Let us take 1st Elan mock both AM and PM with in 10-14 may.

I hope i get atleast 70%.

Elan Mock 1 score - 66%

Elan Mock 2 score - 64%

There are quite a bit of annoying questions that probablly wont show up on exam day … like dodd frank being a statute… like who cares? Also, too many item sets have “statements” made and the question asks if this is true or not… WAY too many of them…

Overall, very dissapointed in Elan guides mocks

Great scores.

Relax Province you have nailed it.

thanks roy, what did u get?

There’s a lot of those true/false statements questions on the Schweser exams, too. Such as here’s two statements made by Stephen Colletti about credit card receivables ABS…(a) both statements are true, (b) only statement 1 is true, © only statement 2 is true. A good deal of those questions.

Part of the reason why I bought the Elan mocks was to get a different source of questions. I don’t want to be only used to the way Schweser asks questions and what material they hit on their mocks. If Elan throws me off with a few of their item sets/questions, I think it’ll be good helping to prepare for whatever may end up on the real exam in June.

I will take it later…Perhaps mid of May.