Lets start Losers

Hi Guys, We all wrote exams once twice and failed…now in two minds whether to write it again or not. Did you thought in the same direction when results weren’t out? Were you thinking in same direction when filling up the form last times…more than the studies and guidance part, I think we all are failing on one of the major trait of behavioral problems, which can be something as simple as looking motivation in other or poor decision making abilities(No Offenses, please). We need others to motivate us and help us decide what is good for us. And we still want to get into investment professional if we can’t decide what is the best investment for ourselves. We know a lot of theory to be applied and do some cost benefit analysis. How I wish Level 1 had something like decision making test too just like ethics, even though if they have failed me on that, I would have to take the challenge for third time. I am from non-financial background and working in IT. No relations at all. The quantum of knowledge this material is giving and the challenges it pushes towards me by failing me both the time is in itself sufficient to keep me motivated. Now, enuff of this - Let get down to business, you have decided you want to give another try.(For those who are quitting now, Bye Goood luck for now) Lets talk about preparation, our weak areas, CFA testing us different way, if you are in IT lets talk about something with examples.(No copyrighted materials of course). Lets just start working hard again and get out of our

Way to ingratiate yourself with your fellow candidates!

First, ask yourself if you really gave it everything you got. If you did, and still failed L1 twice, this may not be for you. L2 and L3 are significantly harder and ready to beat you to a pulp.

That was the worst attempt at a rally speach ever, lol

I like how the message was suddenly cut off, almost like someone literally pulled the microphone mid sentence!

Epic inspirational speech!


A good de-motivational poster right there. Bold title: “LETS START LOSERS” And a picture of you viewing ur marks.


Such a loser’s mentality!

Let’s everyone and everything motivate better CFA writers ourselves to become and know for the exam about studying!

This actually motivated me to study harder for the exam because I don’t want to turn out like the original post.

Guys…This is only for the guys who are have failed two - three times and asking other’s guidance to decide what to be done next. This is our decision to write or not, and we should ourselves decide whether one should write again or not. I don’t know how much these advices impacted, its better for my fellow failed aspirants that we decide quick and start working on weak areas. We now know the content know where we went wrong last time so we should know what should be done this time. As far as title is concerned - This is apt for we all who have lost the CFA Level 1 and losing their hopes and kiling their dreams themselves. This is not intended for anybody else except the above mentioned audience. I think now, you guys can my original post and your post won’t make any sense. Joan - Don’t worry motivations are most of the time momentary, so without hard work…you may write the similar post soon.

All the best! you will pass next time!

All the best for next time indeed. And a very chilling message there that each of us could indeed be in a similar situation in future. I’m hoping something in your message has been lost in translation because starting off by calling yourselves “Losers” is not the way to go. You gotta think positive!

Am I the only one who sees this as the resurrection of qqqbee??..

Who is he?

Good try, chaits84. Come on now. You’re not fooling anyone here.

dmiller385 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > That was the worst attempt at a rally speach ever, > lol “This is only for the guys who are have failed two - three times” “fellow failed aspirants” “who have lost the CFA Level 1” “Don’t worry” “you may write the similar post soon.” “and your post won’t make any sense” qqqbee, is that you? haha

I’m laughing like an idiot at my desk reading this post! I bet my cube neighbors think I’m a brain dead zombie right now. This is wrong on so many levels, from the title, to his English, to his logic. I feel like Google translated this from Klingon and did a poor job at it. Give up on the CFA and become a comedian dude. Self-deprecation is IN, in the comedic realm right now, just look on Twitter. More seriously, if you know what you’re weak in, you don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do. You already know what to focus on it seems from your post. You want motivation? Go to your job everyday and realize it sucks. Know this isn’t your ticket out, but it’s not going to hurt you either. Read the books, do the EOCs, get Schweser Qbank and do 2000+ Qs, make flashcards = auto-win.