Letters after your name on Website

I remember people seeing this before they got their letters. Anyone know where on the website?

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t it under Member Directory?

Yes, the member directory. CFAI rep told me that as soon as you see CFA behind your name, you can begin to use the designation.

I never joined as an affiliate so I guess I just have to wait then…

Good news is I know have access to the directory, bad news is Im not in it yet

Scratch that, I found me in the directory, but no CFA after name

Now my name is not in the directory… So exciting

Can see my name again, no letters

Mr.Good.Guy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Can see my name again, no letters its been over an hour and a half, since last update… whats going on?

Do not think the Directory really matters. This is straight from CFA Institute Check out the line about the letter Thank you for your email. I have checked your record and see that just yesterday, 8 September, we received notification from your society that you have been approved for Regular membership status. Your online record will be updated soon to reflect the approval. It is our plan to begin awarding charters in mid to late September to 2008 Pass III individuals who have met all requirements. New charterholders will receive a letter confirming that all requirements have been met and the charter awarded. Just as a reminder, the CFA designation should not be used until the confirmation letter is received. I hope this information is helpful and please let me know if you have other questions.

UPDATE: It now says “Membership Dues Unpaid” Which was not listed yesterday

12:04: No update

thanks… glad I am not the only nutcase checking numerous times per day

I just can’t wait to attach my email sig and send an email to all those people who have MBA after there names.

what if they have xxxxxxxxx, MBA, CFA? then what? another hurdle?

Then they should know better than to keep the MBA there

Yeah, but at least with an MBA you can guarantee superior investment performance.

does Mr. Buffett have an MBA??

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Anyways, I don’t know if the website is the bad thing. What kills me is seeing people with stuff like this… William Robert, CFA, MBA, FCSI, CA, CBV, CFP, ABC123, P.Eng., MSc., MSc [Eng].,CMA. Like I totally support continuing education but let’s be real here… Portfolio Managers: William Robert, CFA, MBA Engineers: William Robert, P.Eng., Accountants: William Robert, CA Valuation Professionals: William Robert, CBV Planners: William Robert, CFP Willy