Level 2 results


What are your best guess regarding the date of the release regarding the past and this level 1 result date ?




I agree, for this past September L2 it was that Monday after the 5 week mark. Guessing between 35-38 day range which it was been historically. Would like it to be a Friday, but think (4/30) is what we will end up seeing. Trying not to think about it.

Yes 4/30. It is hard to somehow not think about it … we all want to be over with it… by the way I got a survey to fill… if this was the CFA exams then people would start talking about it being a tell and about some changes in your profile in your membership page being a tell…anything to speculate…

You can’t tell even if it was CFA, i got the email telling me to start the membership process yet i failed.

We can only wait and hope things go well.


Somebody think it is going to be this week ?

I don’t think so…would love to, but based on historical released dates it should be 4/30.

It’s typically after the survey closes. Surveys are due 4/27*. So, yes - this means 4/30 at the earliest. Only another week. We’ve waited this long, what’s another 7 days? :stuck_out_tongue:

*Reason being, they don’t want you to get your results and then totally slam them in the survey if you didn’t pass - skews the results.

Hm, I never got the survey.

They probably send it to a randomly selected set of individuals…

Finger’s crossed - expecting it to come out in the AM some time…

Or maybe today

I think it could be today. I can’t see why there has been a delay and they were not released yesterday.

i wonder if the changes regarding the stackable program have had any effect on the pass mark and number of people they will allow over the line

Well, latest deadline is Friday this week, lets see. Good luck to everyone !

Im guessing lunchtime today.

Last cycle I got the results at 10:37am

I got L1 results at 1:56pm

I just want to know one way or the other, it’s hard to be productive at work checking if results came out every five seconds.

My March Level 2 registration information (on the “My Exam Info” page) just disappeared from their site. They must be doing something behind the scenes this morning.

I think they will Come soon they updated the membership process .I AM able to fullfill the membership