Level 2 results

That is the message that came up on results day last Sept L2. Today is the day. Best of luck to all!

Yeah i just noticed. The website is updating to reveal the results. My heart is pounding

Monday is typical for releasing results. I called them and they said Friday at the latest. My exam info just changed too… seems any minute now

Anyone can also inscribe for membership ?

where do you see the membership signup?

Before my account settings

Not seeing anything like that. Might be a tell that I failed… its a 50/50 for me

Maybe it does not mean anything

Results are out!!! Pass for me. Goodluck everyone.

OUT !!! Passed

Passed !

Results are out

I passsssed

PASS! i literally have no idea HOW.

Good luck everyone

FAILL!!! haha woops

FAILL!!! haha woops

Passed!!! Now what? lol

Pass. Congrats to those who did. If you didn’t hang tough. This was may second attempt on level 2.

CMT is most likely next for me.

Same here, pass on 2nd attempt. Congrats to all, if you didn’t pass keep your head up. Get it out of your system and get back on the horse.


CFA 3 passed in June, CAIA 1 passed in September.

I better not think in doing anything else for a while!

This is my second attempt too. It is only 6 months more and you will do it