Level 2 September results

Hi guys,

The web says “We are experiencing some issues with our scheduling process. Please check back in the next 4 hours, we expect to have it resolved at that time.”

Do you guys think Sep Lv2 result is coming up soon?

Fingers crossed to all of us…

@borntorun I hope so… I keep checking every few hours.

It looks more as an exam scheduling issue with Pearson for those who registered…

However… who knows :slight_smile:

I doubt it - there are no changes (as far as i can tell) in the source code.

Ah eddyble. I see you on reddit. WHERE ARE MY RESULTS!?

The wait is getting excruciating, can’t concentrate on work!!!

Meanwhile, people are asking me about the results which is not helping either :frowning:

Guess it will be released next wk. :frowning:

Good possibility that it’ll be released tomorrow…

What makes you think that?

you have no idea leveredx10…results will be released early next week, within the 6 week time frame after the close of the exam window…

They will be released late afternoon on Monday 4 November Boston time, according to my source.

My assumption is based on when level 1 results were released… they said up to 4 weeks and it was about 2 1/2. When I passed in the spring of 2019 they were leased on a Tuesday. I think it would be odd for them to release them on a Friday or Monday… Totally speculating here… I have no insider info just my best guess :slight_smile:


From an absolute point of view your sentence was not wrong

Good possibility that it’ll be released tomorrow…

Actually every next day is more probable than today ! :slight_smile:

And each day closer to the 6th week increases in relative possibility compared to the previous day

Then… it’s become good then better probable that the results will be issued the next day

Actually, I am a bit stressed as I don’t want to take it again.

Well it’s a lot for my brain today – I am going to drink a beer

Level1 result is upto 3 weeks, so it makes sense they released in about 2 1/2. Also think we will get on Nov 4th.

Wish all of us pass…

Tuesday. 11/5. book it Danno…

Hmm…most everyone’s prediction of the score release date has been a single point estimate, no confidence intervals…just sayin’.

Anyone else got a suspicious gap between ‘My Profile’ and ‘Member Directory’ under ‘My Account Menu’ which wasn’t there before?


Looks like a random ‘divider’ turned up? Hopefully that’s the bit where the ‘Join Membership’ appears?

Was that always there or do you guys see that too?

edit: clearer photo

I see that gap too, but no clue whether that used to be there before or not…

makes sense @gap.

I don’t have it :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:. guess i failed

be cool… it s in the my exam info section when you put your mouse on my account menu

I guess it s only layout improvement