Level 3 course prep question

Hi all - i am sitting for Level 3 in June, unfortunately for the second time. I used Schweser last year and was shocked at how bad it was (actual essay questions were actually nothing like the Schweser ones) - had relied on Schweser exclusively for Levels 1 and 2 so didn’t think there would be any issue)

Would greatly appreciate any guidance/feedback on other Level 3 prep courses. Hard to believe that that this is an issue (I always understood Schweser, for better or for worse, to be the leading provider in this area), but here we are

After reading about him and doing some research I went with Marc L at LevelUp. He teaches L3 only. Doing vids and bootcamp. So detailed. Honest guy and he’s sitting there talking to you - face to face - shows that he knows what he is talking about. Ernest guy - i know he can be too detailed for some people but it is working for me.

I’m currently using LevelUp and I’ll be going to the NYC bootcamp. I’ve been preparing with the videos so far, and while they can be a bit long, they’re in-depth and I feel like I’m actually understanding the material.

Punting L3 with Schwesers and then blaming for what…?.

I’m in the same boat Levelset, retaker here and used Schweser last year. Used Schweser exclusively for L1 and L2 and was nowhere close to prepared for L3 last year. I agree with jen_bikes, the videos are long and detailed but I think Marc does a good job walking through the material.

Same page guys, Schweser really loses plot on L3.

For Marc jumpstart videos, are those all new for 2020? I just joined a day ago but am seeing videos that seem old/out of date? i.e. the reading # don’t match CFAI 2020. How to prep for 2017 exam.

I’ve emailed Marc but no reply yet. Anyone help?

Let me know what Marc says. My sense is that he is updating the major sections and won’t uodate videos where there may have been minor changes?

Marc told me that he’s been recording new videos since last week.

Marc’s a good guy. Took his LevelUp bootcamp course in Boston back in 2018 after two failed attempts with Schweser. He’s no magician bc it’s still a lot of work but he at least shows you the right direction to work towards…if that makes sense.


I highly recommend Nathan Ronen for L3. He does an essay writing class (which can be done cross country) which is exceptionally helpful. He walks you through every part of the essays and what you need to know to satisfy the graders. If you follow his teaching than you will feel very comfortable on exam day. I just passed L3 in June and I wouldn’t have passed without his help.

You can read what I did to study for L3 here: https://www.analystforum.com/forums/cfa-forums/cfa-level-iii-forum/91373191

I also used the Qbank and took about 1800 practice questions which were very helpful.

I emailed him about this a month or 2 ago. I believe he is keeping videos posted from prior years where there has been no change in the CFA curriculum. Sometimes this leads to some of the slides in his book being slightly out of order, as he added a new slide not used in the video. I don’t think he is planning to re-record these old videos but could be wrong.

the readings that don’t have videos posted yet are going to be newly recorded videos posted over the next few weeks.

I used Schweser for L1 and L2. After research, I decided to go with LevelUp. His videos are great. The studying is LONG and HARD but I can say that he’s forced me to be a much more active studier than a passive studier which is something to say considering it’s only January. He also goes pretty fast in the videos and they’re long because there is so much content so a 2 hour video usually takes me 4-5 hours.

Slightly annoyed that my emails have been going unanswered and the time it’s taken to get the 2nd leg of the book and videos but there’s been a ton of curriculum changes so it’s understandable. He goes over every single line of the book with you. His slide book is also extremely helpful.

Can i ask how many pages in the Schweser Notes vs the CFAI books? Just to get a sense of the difference. Just signed up for L3 and previously always used Schweser but considering going with CFAI this time. Thanks!

Hey guys,

I have unfortunately been just under the pass line twice now. Taking it again this June and keen to get it done. Looking for ideas or strategies if anyone in the same boat? My results have been so close both times, it’s tough to pin point the weakness. I have 2020 IFT videos that I’m planning to use along with the EOC and blue box questions from the curriculum. Also planning to look for something locally (Vancouver), like a boot camp or tutor. I’m mostly concerned about AM exam practice as I’ve literally gone through each past exam from 2007 to 2018 and after prepping twice, that’s one thing I think I can’t use anymore to prepare for the AM part as I’m likely to remember questions once I get going with them.

Any advice to inch over that pass line this time is appreciated.