Level II Notes

Hey all- I took Level II this past June and scored > 70% on 9 out of 10 topic areas despite receiving my textbooks in mid-February (sat for Level I in December 2007). One of the things that really helped me out were the custom notes I had put together which are organized by Reading and then by LOS. They are essentially an amalgamation of my notes from the official curriculum and Schweser (sadly, I read both in 3.5 months). If you are only reading Schweser they could help bridge the gap between what Schweser deems is important and what is actually in the curriculum. My notes covered nearly all of the study sessions (didn’t make notes for Quant (the one section with 50-70), Ethics and one equity study session I think). If anyone wants the notes (they’re in Word) send an email to john (dot) mclaugj@gmail.com and I’ll send you over a zip file with all of the notes. Could save you $100 by not having to purchase Secret Sauce. Let me know if they are helpful…

Hi John, Is it john.mclaugj@gmail.com. I’ve already mailed you, from address daze_naz@yahoo.com. Hope u hav anice day… take care bye

John, Can I get a copy of your notes? My email is: haha2009@live.com Thanks!

Thanks John

John, could you please email me the notes as well at jojosd@directbox.com ! Thanks. Greatly appreciated. jojosf

Just finished sending out notes to everyone who replied to my message. There were approximately 50 people who replied so it took some time to send out the emails (the zip file was ~6 MB). Please let me know if I overlooked your email. I’ll probably re-post this message in January/February once the Level I December test takers receive their results. Planning on taking similar notes for Level III so I’ll be sure to share them once everyone passes! Good luck to everyone…

thanks man, i can put them up on a webhost if you’d like so that people stop flooding your inbox with e-mails

Hi John, Thank you for your inputs. Could you please send your notes to my email varunksingh@gmail.com. Thanks again

Could you please send the notes to: ehav@btinternet.com cheers


i sent an email about 3 minutes after this thread was posted and didn’t actually receive anything

Hi John, Can you send me copy of your notes. My e-mail address is ncdesai@gmail.com -Thanks,

Supersharpshooter, did you receive my notes? If not send me another email and I will re-send.

Can i have it please? My email is yww6@hotmail.com Thanks a bunch!

John - Can you send the notes at dinesh.sundrani@gmail.com. Appreciate your help.

john, can you please send to me a copy plily1229@hotmail.com

Hi John, is it possible to send your level 2 notes to me. My email id is varunksingh@gmail.com. Thanks, Varun

Hi John Can you please send notes to laxmikantbhattad@gmail.com

john_mclaugj Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Supersharpshooter, did you receive my notes? If > not send me another email and I will re-send. sent

john: would you be kind enough to send me the notes. my email address is pradeepkk90@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance and good luck on Level III.