Level III Study Plan advice needed... Desperately

Hi All,

I had passed L2 last year and had registered for L3 right away. i ordered the print curriculum and have also got hold of Schweser.

Now the trouble is… I’m not finding enough motivation to start studying.

I picked up Schweser book 1 and started with behavioral finace (thought of proceeding in order… ethics in the end)… but found it really not so interesing… i tried it thrice… gave up all 3 times

Now its hardly 100 days to the exam and i haven’t studied anything at all. feeling totally lost. Scared like shit that i’ll flunk. I work full time so i hardly have the enery on weekdays to study after work.

any tips would be welcome… especially what order should be followed for reading the topics…

L1 and L2 i did CF first, then Equity and so on… topics which i loved. In L3 I believe everything is inter-connected… so don’t know where to start.

Please help.

I had the same issue when I started with Behavioral finance from CFAI.

I switched to schweser right away and from then onwards it worked fine.

Have you tried schweser?

Feb 17… around same time I “Started” preparing for L2 which has way more material than this.

So its not late if it helps motivate you.

Almost Three half months left and you’ll be done with this whole thing. (not a huge portion of your life to sacrifice)

100 days = 3 hours a day, or 2 hours on weekdays and 5.5 hours on the weekends. It’s definitely possible, I didn’t start studying until March for level 2 and passed first try, it’s a lot of work, but worrying wont help, just gotta do it.

Understand the difficulty in getting motivated. I also got the print materials right away and eventually did start studying, but really didn’t hit it hard until January. Very hard to get motivated after the relief of passing L2.

I started on Vol 2 Behavorial Finance and went straight through with Ethics interspersed. I’m just about done w/ all the reading (first pass) and would recommend going from Vol2 - Vol6. It kind of comes full circle and you start to see the big picture as you get into Vol6.

If you’re short on time, try skimming instead of reading word for word. That’s what I had to do for L2 due to time constraints.

Cut off friends and family for the next 3 months. Those that matter will wait on you.

Keep the dog though

And absolutely, positively not fapping (aka joe’ing).

Last year I put in a huge effort and failed band 4…and you can search in here…and read all the people who invested hundreds of hours, yet failed band 8,9,10.

You’ll definitely fail unless you start now and put in 100%. It’ll be a ridiculous shame to suffer thru L2, to give up at L3.

Take my experience of failing last year, and START NOW. Agree with the top poster…forget reading CFAI at this point. But you should do end of chapter questions from both CFAI and Schweser, and blue box in CFAI if you have time.

Skipping CFAI isn’t to take the easy road…it’s becuase you probably wont have time at this point. You should also do about 6 practice exams.

Thanks a lot everyone for the advice… time to pull up the socks and nail the test… Once and for all


Do take storlab’s advice seriously… i am taking it seriously. It takes guts to share one’s painful experience and let other learn from it…Experiential learning!!

A friend of mine started with BF and said it was like a detective story, great! I find it totally boring.

I guess it polarises.

You are fooling yourself. No way you put in a “huge” effort and failed band 4 unless english wasn’t your mother tongue.

I’m not taking any advice seriously from someone who failed band 4. Sorry storlab.

I also find it tough to read this stuff not because it’s boring but it seems easy.

It’s definitely not the case if we have to memorize the 5 beliefs and 4 errors and be able to write it back out.

In L1 and L2, my motivation starts when the AF countdown goes double digits.

The point of my statement, dhruv, was not to tell you not to read the curriculm. But instead to encourage you to arrive prepared. You don’t want to arrive having read part of the CFAI, not done sufficient practice exams, nor formula memorization.

So, believe me, it’s a hard exam, and know that you’ll have to arrive after giving 100% effort over the next few months. The CFAI curriculm is about 2200 pages, and you should try to finish reading by mid-april to start the final push of review and practice exams. So that means you’ll have to complete approx. 37 pages a day, without missing any days…or the avg goes up.

If you can commit to that, many people say the curriculum is best. I started the with the CFAI and in middle of book 3 realized that I wasn’t going to have enought time to finish all of books by mid april and now I’m using Schweser.

Best of luck to you Dhruv!

It’s people like you who make anyone who failed say they did band 8 or 9 (if you take a sample, 98% of people say they failed band 9 or 8).

this guy is honest and says band 4 and instead of take what he has to say (which in my opinion is correct) and degrade him.

There will always be obnoxious elements around. Any retaker is a model for me if he is sincere in his advice. Storlab seems sincere in his approach. So I keep his advice at the back of my mind and I certainly IGNORE Tooper Hurley going forward for being a prick.

BTW, there are people whom I have seen posting havingt failed Band 0 and Band 1 came back with all cylinder firing and made it through. I think they are real heroes.

Now are you starting to understand why I was trying to discourage people from taking L1 for the fourth or fifth time?

Finally we can agree on something!!!

Is that easier or harder than it is to get motivated after failing Level II?

Thanks a lot storlab… Appreciate your advice :slight_smile: