What are your favorite style of Levis? I currently have several pairs of 559, but they seem a little to baggy in the front area. Thinking about 501s?

Levi’s 559’s are the only jeans I wear, because I like a low-rise.

However, something tells me that you and I have different body types.

Greenie - I think you and I have similar body types. How do 559’s compare to 550’s?

Silvertab was the bomb back in the day.

559’s sit lower on the waist, so you don’t have as much sagging in the crotch area.

Also, they have straight leg instead of the tapered leg. That means very little to me, but it can make you look a little thinner if you have big thights.

I didn’t know Levis was still in style.

levi’s is always “in style” in a way that many fashionistas still wear them and they are still relevant. every once in a while they re-launch their vintage jeans and creates a stir.

i am sure the japanese version is a different, but i think they make good jeans, you can’t really go wrong with them i suppose.

I think they might me in style for people who like irony. I haven’t worn anything except Sevens in years.

Whatever happened to Rocky Mountain jeans? They had the strange ability to make even the flattest ass look good.

I buy whatever they have at Winners (Ross in the States).

JNCO Jeans with the chain wallet for me

…with K2 fattys, a Senate shirt, and Pennywise blasting from the discman?

Some of us are not slaves to fashion trends.

511, I like mine slim fitted though. American’s know absolutely nothing about style

We’re too busy brushing our teeth blush

511s are where it’s at. i have them in gray and theyre not made of denim my father calls them gravedigger pants ha

As opposed to the land that gave us wayne rooney?

511 looks good, it probably looks good for most people.

i think Levi’s does the trick if you don’t want to look dated but you don’t want to spend $$.

it’s pretty cheap i have to say, esp when it’s on sale (always does).


on my way to a blockbuster