Life lessons


So much for your promise of not posting here unless called. You might as well publicly renounce that promise. And publicly acknowledge your other FA names as well.

and the indian pollution remains…

and mods are asleep again

We have lives, y’know.

rahul is posting this stuff as if it somehow elevates all Indians to a different status.

Don’t you hate it when some pompous tool you’ve never heard of gets up and gives your graduation speech?

probably what all the Uni of Edinburgh fellas thought as this man droned on about movies no one in the audience has seen.

I used to have a healthy respect of U of E, but after they invited SRK, it’s firmly in the hacksaw zone.

Yale invited him too?So Yale = hackshaw.

There was no mention of abs in the text, which is now gone. (I did a Ctrl-F, didn’t read) WTF? You’d think there’d be a lesson on abs in there.


Decidedly so now, yes.

And the lesson of life is, don’t be indian, go to india, or assciate with brown folks.

the end

I’ve known good Indians. Don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

I bet he told about SRK to the guy who gave him a bang ride in NJ.


^What about hippo ?Where does he fall ?

Troll category…