Link between gray hairs and relationships with older women

From my non-scientific observations, I theorize that men in their 30s that are on relationship with older (30+) women will have their hair gray out sooner. I also suspect that their health in general is far worse than the health of those men dating age appropriate girls in the 20-27 age range. Only reason I could think of is that dating older broads demands too much energy to force the brain to accept, and thus, removes energy that would be used in other areas, such as keeping hairs colored.

It is similar to what happens to homos, in which their bodies cant heal from all the butthexing, so they age faser than normal.

What you people think?

Attractive people date attractive people, irrespective of age.

I think we should theorize about other things.

I think those MILFs and cougars probably just choose men who appear to be older. If anything, I’d think dating younger chicks would consume much more physical and mental energy. Not only do they want to go out more and do physical activities, but they might even be more idealistic and prone to emotional swings, cry when Trump is elected, etc.

You know what scares me is the hot 25 year old that doesn’t work out and has nothing but french fries and champagne.

It’s like … what are you going to look like in 10 years…

Lol my current chick eats a lot but has a body of Ariana grande. Amazing genes

pic or didnt happen

I think this may be relevant to your interests

No, ACE is right, because their metabolism will turn after age 30. So, you must be careful if they like to eat a lot but not exercise. Their body will absorb it now, but later, you’ll find yourself in a Pierce Brosnan situation.


She was always going to be large. Upper arms never lie.

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So true man, so true

That said, ACE and Ohai are correct.

*Ariana Grande

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Want a good proxy for how they will age? Check out their moms. Always my go to when I’m about to get serious with a girl. Unless they have wildly different diets/propensity to activity, that’s a pretty good proxy.

confirmed. After preggers Mexicans generally get fat. Hot thots at 20s then blubber up

nery is a chubby chaser haha

Don’t hate. Thick chicks can be a good time.

Straight truth.

Source: Would bang my MIL

I get infinite tons of crap for saying anything close to my statement above around girls, but I like to think that taking care of one’s body is a reflection of yourself. 25 is a pretty decent age to realize how to put the proper food in mouth. Or at least try. For God’s sake try. The first step is knowledge/awareness. For a girl to tell me she doesn’t need to know about nutrients because ‘look at this figure’ is so laughable I laugh out loud. She laughs out loud. Its hilarious. Like, my friend is a nurse. She is my neighbor. We are friends. She somehow has this mistaken notion that this crap she eats for breakfast is the best way to start her day. I was in her apartment one day and asked what this magic cereal was, because she said that she imports it through her family in Mexico. She opened her pantry door and literally 80% of the pantry was filled with this cereal. It was no more than Mexican corn flakes with some cartoon character on them. There is a reason why we are this way. In that aspect, I mean nutrition falls into nine categories that explain why we eat what we eat:

a. Personal preference b. Familiarity c. Social Reasons d. Values and beliefs e. Availability f. Temptation g. Convenience h. Economy i. Reward or consolation — In summary, my point is that eating healthy is one thing and important, but it is also essential to know the psychology behind nutrition. It is a reflection of who you are. If you can’t identify your wants and needs, how can you control them?

The gray hair hypothesis for those in relation with mature women might make sense because they’re getting older premature. Those mature men in relationship with young chicks lose hair because of a lot of hard work and increased effort.