List of the next 10 books.

Whenever possible, excluding those required for your assorted designations…to avoid such things as Schweser Books 1-7 and CFAI CBOK Books 1-3 (lol) being the next 10. I will list 10 more once I’m done…hopefully this will be good for helping me stay on track. Here are mine: 1. Derman - My life as a quant [staple, but I’ve never gotten to it] 2. Lowenstein - When genius failed [staple] 3. Soros - The alchemy of finance 4. Slater - Soros: The unauthorized biography 5. Elvin - Financial risk taking 6. Breakwell - The psychology of risk 7. Adams - Gambling, freedom, and democracy 8. Elgar - Reflections of eminent economists 9. Pompian - Behavioral finance and wealth management 10. Weisberg - Creativity What are yours?

  1. Spivak - Calculus
  1. Financial Engineering using excel & VBA- Chandan Sengupta

Bostonkev, how did you find this book? - Pompian - Behavioral finance and wealth management I read small articles on behavior finance and one chapter of it in my undergraduate…finding this area interesting and thinking to add more to my knowledge. Will this book help?

Why don’t you just read it and find out?

Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan scattered with interesting insights, yet somewhat pedantic (and repetitive).

  1. Winning at Mergers and Aquisitions - Clemente / Greenspan 2. Big Deal - Wasserstein

El Erain --When markets collide Murphy --Technical Analysis of the financial markets Beyond the J Curve (private equity from the LP standpoint) I am in various stages of each of these. My goal is to finish these by year-end.

I have that Murphy book - never got too deep into it though, but would love to finish it at some point…

The Holy Bible - God

projectplatnyc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 1. Winning at Mergers and Aquisitions - Clemente / > Greenspan > 2. Big Deal - Wasserstein Would you recommend these books?

Currently reading: - Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh - Microserfs by Douglas Coupland

The alchemy of finance - tried reading that when I was 18, ended up giving up not too far in, it was too full on for me back then!

The market wizards My life as a quant The origin of wealth The way of the turtle Black Swan Intro to mathematical finance (Pliska) Options, futures, derivatives (Hull) Trade your way to financial freedom

JoeyD - care to bestow a top 5 or 10 upon us?

Do you guys do anything in your lives that isn’t finance related?

Where are the customers’ yachts? I was actually invited out on a broker’s boat the other night. Plus ca change . . .

artvandalay - i will have to tell you after i get further into the books. big deal looks like a good book - it is more about deals that went down and the big players in the M&A game. i like wasserstein’s perspective because he has law and i-banking experience. the greenspan/clemente seems like a user’s guide on how to effectively pull off a successful M&A transaction (and post integration) and is good so far.

I’ve been too busy watching football. These books don’t make for much of conversation starter down by the water cooler if you know what I mean.