Live coverage of the Berkshire annual meeting - who's interested?

I’m flying out tomorrow and spending a few days there. Who’d be interested in getting notes on the meeting? I’m bringing my laptop and plan on taking notes for myself, at least on the questions I’m interested in. Who would be interested in a copy of my [probably incomplete] transcript? I can either send it out, or if Chad is interested, upload it here for the AF community.


I’m going to frontrun Frank by saying I’d like photos of the various HCB’s there.

I’m interested.

Cool y’all. I’ve just dropped a line to Chad and will probably be uploading my coverage of the big day as events progress. I’ll also probably take some photos (if allowed) and will upload those too, if I’m able.

i’m definitely interested…we owe you one Sad…

Waiting, and thanks in advance.

she alredy posted…

Hi. It’s been posted.

Frank: I am, in fact, a dude.