Longest delay in receiving results? and your email provider?

Got my L1 results @ 9:50a last year w/ Gmail. Anyone seen longer delays?

I’ve heard someone here had to wait a whole day before receiving his result. One day seems to be the longest amount of time one has to wait, since CFAI release results on their website the next day.

Last year I got my results at 12:45pm ET via yahoo. It was loooong morning.

AOL … and I received my LI and last year’s LII results before 10 AM EST.

Level 1 and Level 2 I received nearly two hours late with Gmail. ~10:50AM EST both times.

This year for L3 I switched it to my work address, hopefully it improves the wait but who knows. Most unproductive mornings at work ever…

Gmail. 1 and half hours later.

Same here.

09:03 Outlook LI last year, couldn’t open the email until 3 hours later. Not sure if its just time stamped early or it actually got to my inbox at that time. Judging from last year LII results thread it could take up to 6 hours …

10.14 am

gmail fail +3.5 hours last year…

I got mine 5 minutes after the email blast time.

I got mine 5 minutes after the email blast time.

I got mine about 9:15 last year with gmail

^pop or imap account?

How about direct web login to gmail server?

Maybe I should check gmail embedded spam filters. I mean this could be the issue.

Gmail here. I received the mail very soon 09:01 ET

For L1 in 2014 btw


Received L1 @10:01 am