Looking for ideas

Figure with all the Greek gods on this forum, you all would have some great ideas on what I call Gut Check Workouts. These are workouts you do maybe once every other month that really test your man/woman-hood. Something you look at and say “how the hell am I going to do that?”

whatcha got?

I used to do a Marine corps physical fitness test every six months.

  • Three mile run (18 minutes is perfect, 28 minutes is minimum)

-pull-ups - as many as you can do without dropping off the bar. chin over the bar on the way up, arms fully extended on the way down. No kipping, kicking, bicycling, or brnging your knees above your chest. (20 is perfect, three is the minimum)

  • crunches - lay down, fold your arms over your chest, and Bend your knees your arms have to touch your thighs on the way up and your shoulder blades have to touch the ground on the way down. As many as you can in two minutes. (100 is perfect, 55 is minimum)

^isnt there a max push up piece to that?

I’ll take on a buffet every couple months to make sure I still got it.

^that’s what I’m talking about

I like doing Poliquin’s advanced german body comp workout. Do it for 6 weeks right before summer and gets me in tip top shape. It kicks your ass each and every time


following tempo and rest periods is what makes it difficult.

of course, you could always go to a crossfit class surprise

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i do plenty of high intensity crossfit style workouts. like yesterday i did –

warm up: 10x 5 pullup/10 push up/15 sit up

WOD: 100 overhead squats @#85 with 3 burpees every minute on the minute.

2 mile run

I’ve done Murph a bunch of times, Devil’s Mile a couple. Looking for next level, true gut check workouts that seem ridiculous on the surface.

For example I attempted: 1,000 burpees with 800m run after each set of 100. I got through about 800 burpees before my body completely locked up and i couldn’t stand.

That’s the type of thing I’m looking for ideas on, if anyone has done something like that.

Not for the Marines.

The Army and Navy do push-ups instead of pull-ups. I don’t know what the standard is.

Do a 40mi hike in under 20 hours.

that’s what i’m talking about. have you done it?

…with a #30 ruck sack would be more interesting.

Bear/leopard crawls for long distances. KB swings + burpee circuit.

look up Devil’s Mile (substitute bear crawl for B.A.T. flips), that’s a tough one.

Run a trail marathon or trail ultra. A good, technical trail marathon is no joke and much harder to simply complete vs a road race (being competitive against the field in a road race might be harder though). A trail ultra, like a 50 mile race would destroy you if you didn’t specifically train in advance (as would probably a trail marathon).

Alternately, the Xterra trail triathalons (especially the “shorter” lengths) are awesome and you could probably take one of those on without excessive training. I ran one for the hell of it when I was in endurance shape without training for the biking and swimming parts. At the start line, I was just wearing swim trunks and no goggles and everyone else was wearing their singlets, caps, goggles, etc. Regardless I still placed well, so I wouldn’t let the gear and experience be a detriment. If you’ve never done one of those mass swims before, get ready for full contact swimming, it’s basically like gettting kickboxed in the face for about a quarter mile. Although now that I think about it, I wonder if lack of goggles played a factor.

How do you get up to this level of fitness? You got a good training regime for this Greenie?

I missed a perfect PFT by one pullup when I tested in 2009. Was a real bummer.


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There’s a 13-week training course that will help you. It’s offered in San Diego and Parris Island, SC.

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Sit-ups are one of the most useless exercises known to man.

Poo out an 18 incher with even diameter and no breaks. It shows the maximum in posture and muscle control.