Looking to relocate to CA

Wife got an offer in LA and strongly considering taking it. Anyone have exp moving east to west as it relates to job salaries/culture?

People are leaving LA in droves. Gonna pay a ton in Income Tax and COL is insane. Unless you have connections, you’ll be up against a billion UCLA MBAs with Ivy Leaguers sprinkled in here and there, and those are the jobs you will want. Otherwise, most places do not pay enough to offset the aforementioned that will eat into your earnings.

I tried to move out there passively for a few years, applying to job openings here and there. However, my pedigree wasn’t good enough for the jobs I really wanted and if I found something I was interested in and that interest was mutual, the company wasn’t offering enough. For example, 85-90k in comp and you’ll basically be poor (exaggeration but sort of true).

Maybe you went to a top school in which case I think you’ll be alright. Good Luck!

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Anyway, I don’t know what sort of jobs you’re looking for, but here are some observations, based on my experience:

  1. Finance job diversity and depth is much lower in the West Coast compared to East Coast, unless you are in corporate finance or something like that (i.e. you’re not actually in finance). In most cases, you cannot rely on getting the same job as you leave behind. If you have a finance job on the West Coast and get fired, you might have to change careers. My ex coworkers there who got fired all couldn’t find persistent finance jobs.

  2. Culture on the West Coast is easier. People are more lifestyle driven. They are also less hierarchical, and it is easier for non-white male/blue blood/lacrosse players to advance.

  3. Skill level on the West Coast is lower than on the East Coast for most finance functions. Let’s say you are in hedge fund or PE or something. Chances are, the West Coast version of the person is not as good as the East Coast version, all else equal.

  4. Hours can be better, especially if you get the 6AM-3PM shift. I found this to be quite ideal actually.

  5. West Coast applicant pool depth is also much lower. If a company is hiring for a specific function, it’s likely that they can’t find someone with the exact experience. So, they are more open to cross-field hiring.

  6. LA sucks. I find that it is just a frat town for “$30k millionaires” in used German luxury cars. However, if you’re coming from NYC, it’s still a net positive for your life situation. Also, Lebron is better than Kobe Bryant.

Someone probably has more relevant information, based on your more specific situation.

Sup brah! Despite LA’s many drawbacks one major positive is that you may have an opportunity to roll with Nerdy and his crew - torrance thru glendale, palisades thru cerritos, clubbin all nite with his VC bitcoin friends LoL [insert some lyrics from cardy b?]

Anyway, LA is awesome. If you and the missus are moving soon and look to rent a two bedroom, I got my prime hollywood hills location ready for you. Minutes from sunset strip, south of mulholland. Hit me up on private message if interested.

wait so how does nerdy have a job?

I may move out there and studio drum for Ariana Grande soon if I can’t find a job in South FL. Just sayin. Maybe buy some Dogecoin, lever up on some Ripple.

3.55 gpa ucla and charter plus im from the coolest part of asia that’ll score minority points! i actually had 3 job offers b4 i even graduated. im in demand baby! when ppl gave me scholarships they literally want me to do speeches, interviews, and photo ops to make sure that everyone knows they arent racist. lol

in terms of salary it can vary. i know this 29 yo ucla charerholder (not me) that makes a million doing mortgages. a 33yo corp finance director from cal state lb that makes 150k + stock options. an ir dude from harvard (30) that makes 135k. a ibanker (26) from some hacksaw school that makes 125k. a corp finance manager (32) at a car co that makes 125k. another friend from usc who is 26yo data guy that makes 85k. whats funnny is my brother who works as a baggage handler at airports made about 90k last year. but hours may vary depending on the firm and your role.it could be from 7 to 14 hrs a day. my brother for example always worked overtime (typically 50 hours a week). also taxes pretty high here. my friend who made a mil, netted only half. very sad! also 1 thing i learned is that offices are heavy on benefits. there are free gyms, free breakfast food, valet parking, i actually get free lunches as well and not like cheap stuff. literally steak, jumbo shrimp pasta, fried chicken. salad. etc etc. also some 9 to 5 jobs have this thing called summer hours where everyone leaves at 1:30 pm on friday. when i was a consultant my per diem when i was traveling was about 75 bucks plus they covered rooms, cars, flights.

as far as things to do. there are bars at teh beaches like santa monica, hermosa, long beach, and huntington. and clubs scattered everywhere else like weho, dtla, downey, cerritos, anaheim, and costa mesa. i litereally got hoes in different area codes. when i type long beach in my contact list i get 27 hits. my snapchat is full of thotty ass boppers. like mcd im lovin it.

Whenever you get a better opportunity outside, then you should go there. You learn about language, culture, and other things from an environment. You can’t miss it.

That’s a pretty cool way of putting it.

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UCLA: interior decorator bound

USC: KPMG audit bound

Santa Clara U: M3 driving beach boys

UC Irvine: K-Town

UCB: middle class truly down to earth and hard working and honest kids. the public ivy league

Stanford: organic avocado spread toast eaters

I’d suggest hopping on a flight ASAP and spending some time out there. I’ve been to LA a bunch of times for both business and pleasure. You can’t beat the weather, beaches, women (not that this applies, given the wife comment) etc. but I found the people there extremely vapid. A big part of what I love about nyc is the pace of life and hustle - not everyone is “between projects” - people are actually getting sh!t done. With that said, some people prefer the laid back European type lifestyle which is why I would suggest spending some time there before making any semi-permanent moves.

Will this be in LA proper, or in a surrounding area?

Thanks for all the comments. We are scoping out possible places to live in (Mobius Ill send you a pm if we do proceed) but not entirely certain. Wife’s being poached for a gig in Glendale which looks like a solid place to be given it’s proximity to the Angeles nat’l Forrest and the high armenian popluation. Most of the options available to me would be LA based but my career is fairly flexible (python programming with decade exp in software sales). As for the UCLA/ivy league competition, I’m not really concerned, i mean i live in Boston currently plus, i can lift a 250lb stone to shoulder and never skip leg day so that must account for something :).

Anyway, what most appeals to me is the perceived lifestyle and weather. Ill be sure to club with nerdy but im more of a beach goer/hiker/early riser as opposed to the latter.

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kim k is to armenian women as american pasta is to italian food – but yeah man, im in to both.

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need to post some videos if you move.

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Taxes in this state are insane. Anyone know the conversion of gross salary to make boston = LA?