"LOOKS" easy CFA Level 3 - need to shake my brain

I would like to approach those warriors who already Completed CFA Level 3 exam. I am quite scary watching video and listing peopla and reading forum about the L3 exam. Actually I would like to ask somebody to switch on some light in my brain because maybe that is why looks very easy the exam.But the problem is statistically LOOKS easy.

First think is that the reason why still very low the passing rate in L3 becasue many of us thinking that is it LOOKS easy and we not give enough respect on L3 exam.

Before start to jump in the middle I would like to ask some advise how to approach the exam not to mass up mind mind by April.

What I am interesting:

  1. Sequence of session to be study

  2. Available practice material - what I know and planning to use is obviously Curriculum material,CFA Website practice.

  3. Any action recommendable during reading.I heart index card at many place.Any more detail what can be a index card etc.

I feel now the essay section will be all about but now it like a lottery,hanging on the air,CFA institute even saying not possible 100% do not even try it.I do not like this kind of exam.So I belive for me CFA Level 3 going to give mainly emotionally pressure do understand it is not easy because still 50% will be fail. But If I pass I will complete CFA program without failing.

Last year I was unemployed so I learn as much as possible and just exactly pass the exam.But now with the new job I am planning to start now and try to be ready 2 months before (who knows what is gonna happened during the study trip - wedding ceremony,preparation,new challenge job).

Cheers warriors

do you remember L2 where you had to calculate FCFE in three different ways?

L3 is just like that, but you have to figure out the way they want it and then plug & chug, writing it all out neatly within 8mins.

start now to collect mock exams, try to organize the questions by topic, note the formulas used.

then start & hit the texts. afternoon don’t even bother… easier than L1.

My strategy would be exact opposite- Focus on PM----PM is easy anybody can get 70%-----aim for 90% in PM, save yourself in AM—don’t score too low in AM, IPS individual and institutional should be your strongest topic…you will sail through.

WRONG WRONG strategy…

Why so? AM and PM are equally weighted…1 Q in PM is straightaway 3 points…getting high score in PM is way more easy than AM…

In my view passing level 3 boils down to 3 options if you take 70% passing marks overall as conservative estimate.

Assumption is scoring above 70 in AM is next to impossible for average candidate. So options are

  1. 70 in AM, 70 in PM-

…very tough as very difficult to score 70 in AM

  1. 60 in AM ,80 in PM-

…best case scenario, scoring 60 in AM is still not easy.

  1. 50-55 in AM , 85-90 in PM–

little difficult but achievable as it will save you even if you screw AM badly by either missing some questions or bad time management-----

as well as PM is easy and their is lot of time…PM of level 3 is easiest of all levels…also item sets are cake walk after level 2.

It was my strategy…and it worked…Focus on your strength is my mantra

Why the AM so difficult.Where is the trick?

When I study in engineering school there was a subject which is bloody small not much page but it was twisted left right right left up down.

I am 100% sure L3 book page is totally insignificant.They can play with us even 300 pages no need X000 page.Important is how diluted the book.

My concern people are saying not possible 100% in AM or “very tough as very difficult” even in L3 (L1 is ok but L3).I do not like “unrule game”

I am looking for the learning strategies.

read the post of trimonious2----bookmark it…or search the thread how to pass level3----nothing better than that to guide you for AM http://www.analystforum.com/forums/cfa-forums/cfa-level-iii-forum/91314226

My opinion is that the L3 material is equally as hard as L2.

  • It is the openness of questions which makes it hard to apply mechanical rules or strategies for the AM exam…time value of money questions…ask 10 people and see how many get the same answer …One question may span many pages in the curriculum.

  • Bear in mind, curriculum not nicely structured like L2, i.e. you do one itemset and in your mind be thinking which section does this even relate to…equity, equity PM, alternatives.

Final advice is get a formula sheet and same learning you used for L2…no big secrets or shortcuts

Your status says CFA level II passed…if that so…nobody cares what you say…

and yet his post held about 12,892 x more value than yours.

Man earn your right to give advice to L3 candidates…pass first then speak…

LOL!!Look who is saying…pray for results mate…you might have to sit next year again…advice can only be given by somebody who has passed…not a candidate who is yet to know whether he passed or failed

Ah, there you are, your royal highness. Thank you for declaring that from your pulpit…

Do you really believe that people who failed an exam despite a legitimate attempt have no valuable information to contribute?

yes! valuable is that which make you pass…

Please take your superior investment skills some place else man. I read that the question was for people who completed the exam not ‘passed’. Well done.

Man, I’m just watching this thread like this:


Ten days left, L3 forum should be a knife fight until then.

In that case, I can’t wait to pass L3 so I can come back to these forums year after year insulting all test takers. Sounds like the winning recipe to life.

Where did you read such rule? In Holly Bible? Revelation 18:5 …" Then I heard another voice from heaven say:advice can only be given by somebody who has passed…"

First of all …the person on whom i commented has his status as " CFA level II pass" ----technically not even a candidate…so not sure whether he has even read the L3 curriculum for which he is commenting…its not hard to understand unless somebody doesn’t want to…

People trying to help one another not police the status of candidates.

I am also a candidate but don’t feel the need to change my status or my name to include every qualification I have. CFAFRMMBAPOLICEDETECTIVE?