Loud neighbor... anyone resolved this issue without bloodshed?

Issue is resolved, thanks everyone.

Your landlord cannot stop you from speaking to a fellow tenant and most cities have noise ordinances, so not only is your neighbor violating the complex’s regulations, he’s probably breaking the law as well. Were I you, I would talk to him politely and let him know that his game playing is preventing you from sleeping. In all likelihood, he’ll be quieter going forward. If he tells you he’ll keep it down but doesn’t, remind him again. If he tells you to fuq off, call the cops on him.

why you havent gone directly to him at this point and told him to keep it quiet is beyond me.

Do exactly as Higgs said.

Or, you know, buy some earplugs.

He has bought plenty.

right to quiet enjoyment

When I was consulting for MNES in Charlotte, NC, I had an apartment there.

The upstairs neighbors fought early in the morning: 1AM, 2AM, that sort of thing.

I talked to the gentleman (?) and he said that they’d curtail it.

They didn’t.

I asked the company for which I was working to find me another apartment . . . without an upstairs neighbor.

They did, but I didn’t like the layout of the apartment nearly as much as I liked the first.

Oh, well.

Can’t you use one of those scientist tricks to turn the neighbors into frogs ? That’s why I am studying mathematics.

That doesn’t solve the problem, alas.

Frogs croak all night.

At least, boy frogs do.

Not as loud though, I didn’t also get prosecuted the last time I killed a frog.Manslaughter is something else.

This is exactly why BSDs have single family homes. Anyway, don’t use physical violence. But anything else is fair game. If he doesn’t comply with your request, then you go to (non-violent) war. He likely sleeps in until noon if up until 4am. Nothing wrong with blasting Spice Girls toward the wall from 7am to noon while you’re at work. Or loudly talking to yourself as you get ready for work. Whatever. Ask nicely, then fight fire with fire.

I appreciate all the feedback… wasn’t aware I can actually call cops for this. I guess I just have been extra careful and not trying to create more problems to deal with, but yeah, letting it happen for two weeks doesn’t look normal. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


here would be the order of my actions. Continue down the list if the previous step does not work.

  1. Sack up- its not against the law to tell someone to quit being an A-hole. knock on his door. tell him to quiet down.
  2. Call the cops.
  3. Buy a shotgun. Walk up to his door. Tell him to Shut the **** up. (just my personal weapon of choice but choose your own)
  4. Move out. Or rip his vocal chords out. Your preference.

No disrespect to OP or anyone in general but as an aside— What happened to good old fashion shaming people? There was a time in this country when if people did annoying or disrespectful things they would be ridiculed. No one has a spine these days and all conflicts are settled with passive aggressive behavior or litigation.

When I had a noise problem with my next door neighbor, I resolved it through indirect means. The key was to leave my apartment door open, so that the neighbor, when walking through the hallway, could observe me practicing various intimidating activities. These included butchering large slabs of meat, taxidermy of small animals, and one time, dancing in front of a mirror like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. I also left a mysterious large ornate locked trunk by the door. After a few days, I had a friend emerge from the box in full Gimp costume at the same time the neighbor was walking outside.

After some time, I casually mentioned that apartment noises were a mild nuisance in the building. I was never bothered by that 78 year old lady and her classical music again.

Now, this is why I love water cooler. This is some world class nonsense right here.

I have loud neighbors and had always on each location where I lived. The only cure to this problem is to be louder than them all and that’s exactly what I do. Live and leave other living or implement noise isolation.

sounds like ace and his bass

Sounds like “Ace of spades” by Motorhead at 5 AM, listen loudest. The loud neighbors will be quiet as the grave…