Macquarie Final Round

Hello everyone, I’ve made it to my first final round interview with Macquarie, after an initial interview, and a psychometric assessment My initial post on the interview was:,618963,page=1 but I didn’t want to keep bumping a thread where I misspelled the company’s name (by accident). I know Alayle has been through their process, but any general final round advice, or advice specific to final rounds with Macquarie, would be greatly appreciated.

I heard that the head of Macquire in the Philippines is an asshole

Good luck LICandidate. Macquarie is an excellent bet and they’re willing to pay above the Street to retain talent as they are agressively expanding in North America

Any tips for the final round Alayle?

There was a post on wallstreetoasis about them. Mainly they are looking for agressive, money hungry no holds bar ready to be abused people. Also know your technicals down cold. oh heres the link:

Thanks a lot adehbone That link was helpful it even gives some actua types of questions they ask in the final round

Wow This is nothing like I encountered (from what Mr.Canuck wrote over there, is he the same poster as here ??). Nothing was too technical for me, never had any stupid maths questions (like 15^5, etc.). But in the final round, I did meet with the regional head (in the Toronto office as well), and he did drill down two major questions which I felt I was under-prepared for, thus the rejection call later. Had no problem getting my flight reimbursement (from my place to the Toronto office), took about 2 weeks.

what kind of questions did they ask?

Hey good luck for it!!! I went to one of their interviews last year for a internship role as at that time I was in my penultimate year at University. They will either: Grill you like there is no tomorrow and you’d just wish to get out of there. They will ask you questions like what bad things you’ve heard about Macquaries, explain EMH, and tough behavioral questions. Or be very nice and polite and talk about you, what you have studied/experience etc. They grilled me to such a point I wanted to tell em I’m going to flag and take another offer. They tend to ask you questions like 99^2 etc (squared q’s usually). There is one easy method I’ve used in the past to answer such useless questions from HR. Think in this way 99^2=(100-1)*(100-1) 100*100=10000 100*-1*2=-200 -1*-1=1 =>10000-200+1=9801 That is a way easier way for me. I got asked that question in the Macquaries interview and I didn’t prepare for it but I used that method. As the horrible interview finished the HR and markets guys asked me if I had any questions I asked em what is 101^2. 2min later with a pen and paper they both gave wrong answers. Pretty much how you think the interview is going you got the job. They will be either nice or on a power trip.

I got asked what 99^2 was in my first round interview and got it right also I did 99 * 100 = 9900 and then 9900 minus 99 = 9801. I wasn’t prepared for it either I was lucky that I thought that up. That’s funny that you asked them 101^2 back. That is great! Did they like that you asked them that? Did you end up getting an offer?

I’m sure the question made them feel a bit uncomfortable as they couldn’t do it in their head and made 'em feel silly. It was one of my worst job interviews and if I got the job I would decline it. When they asked me what’s 99^2 I asked 'em why they are asking me that question (there was no hint of sarcasm from my side, it was a polite question). They laughed and said they wanted people who are quick thinkers on their feet in stressful situations.

Aye, i had similar questions in my interview with MBL earlier this year. I got a question on compounding growth rate :/, finding a mathematical pattern (ie sum all numbers from 1-50, which i can now do :D). Was totally taken by surprise with those questions and wish i had googled their interview techniques before going in.

So when they ask these math questions, do they give you a pen and paper or you have to do it in your head?

Sorry for the delay, N.Van. I wanted to wait until I heard back before I posted anything specific to my interview. Every time that I have heard of these math questions being asked or I have been asked them they let you write it down. (you should have your own pen and paper) Low and behold on of the final round interviews I had with Macquarie, the guy was just a complete douche. He asked me for like the square root of 200,000 or 20,000 (I don’t remember). I asked him if I could work it on paper, and he said “I’d prefer you didn’t.” now I don’t mind these math questions in interview situations anymore. they used to freeze me up, but I am good with math and when i write them out I usually come up with a nearly precise answer at the least. This guy was just a complete d!ck for not letting me write it down. I still came up with an answer that wasn’t very far off, but that was after me freezing up about it. He was also nasty about other things, like having me explain duration to him, and then saying “oh really? are you sure that is what duration is?” Every other person I interviewed with and met was nice and the interviews went well. This guy was just a nasty prick. And btw I didn’t get the offer.

Tough luck LICandidate. Do you mind if I ask what position were you interviewing for? Position and Location, if you dont mind…

I wanted an analyst position in their IB Funds in NY. I really wanted the position.

L1 Candidate…tough luck … that guy sounds like an ass…I would not want to work for such a person… If you want to get into IB…and you have the resources and time; do a MBA and get in as an Associate rather than an analyst.

Thanks bm and N.Van. I don’t want IB. I was applying mainly for their infrastructure funds which are run like PE funds. I want to go into PM and I do not want to go for an MBA, at least not initially. Maybe an exec MBA in the future, but I am getting married in Sept. and i am not in a position to do an MBA now. Yes, he definitely was an ass. The reason I still wanted to work there was because I wouldn’t have been working for him.

Welcome to the boat LICandidate. Did the exact same path as you did but in Toronto (final interview douchebagery included) for the same position.

Thanks Alayle I wish I could find more comfort in that, but considering how the on campus recruiting at my school is basically over and I have no offers… I can’t.