Magna Carta Holy Grail

is the greatest rap album of all time

fuck that, jay z is shit, you new jacks don’t know a god damn thing about rap.

go listen to

  • mobb deep - infamous

  • nas - illimatic

  • raekwon - only built for cuban linx

  • ugk - riding dirty

  • wu tang can - 36 chambers

  • ghostface killah - iron man

  • big pun - capital punishment

  • dr dre - the chronic (the original one from 1992)

  • Gangstarr - Moment of Truth

  • Biggie - Ready to Die

  • Tupac - all eyez on me

Listen to all of those and then you’ll understand what real rap sounds like. first the album isn’t even out yet so what are you talking about and also anything after reasonable doubt was garbage so you can take that jayz shit and fuck off. the only mainstream cat that is currently making fire is kendrick all that other shit is hip pop commercial trash singin for the bitches.

thats my word.

all great albums but…









couldn’t ask for more

this is reasonable doubt played out to the end

don’t forget to let Picasso baby play through

what’s wiz khalifa? is he rap? he is boss…


all due respect bodhisattva, as you’re obviously well versed in rap, but you must be deaf yo’

I’m really doubting your ability to listen for quality now. …

fair enough…

beat on MCHG > Beats on only for cuban linx

Lyrics on MCHG > lyrics on cuban linx

what exactly are we basing this on? if it was made in the 90s?

cuban linx? classic. for ever.

Best rap album of all time? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT BRAAA


Dude don’t be insulting Drake just cuz he get da hoes

I haven’t figured it out cause my story is far from finished I’m hearing all of the jokes, I know that they tryna push me I know that showin’ emotion don’t ever mean I’m a pussy Know that I don’t make music for niggas who don’t get pussy So those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me

I actually like Drake when he isn’t making a song for women. He can be very introspective


This guy knows what he is talking about.

^ Mad respect. Though you forgot NWA.

I feel like everyone is confusing being a pillar, a founding building block, for best rap album of all time.

I love all those albums, I just don’t think best rap album of all time should be measured by the level of personal nostalgia you feel for the album and/or the 1990’s

Even so, what I’ve heard of this Jay Z album doesn’t seem that great. Maybe I lisnted to the wrong tracks

Even so, what I’ve heard of this Jay Z album doesn’t seem that great. Maybe I lisnted to the wrong tracks

What is a pillar if it isn’t somehting great that can stand the test of time? This album if it was made by anyone else would be quickly forgotten. It is over produced garbage rapped over by a guy who has never been a strong lyricist. Even when he was beefing with Nas he said that illmatic is probably one of the best rap albums ever made.

In terms of rappers who are active today that are putting out quality mainstream music, there are a handfull and JayZ is not amongst them; J.cole, Wale, Kendrick, grugenly drake, Skyzoo, Torae, Reks, Termanology.

Agree with all of the Jay-Z haters on here. The dude jumped the shark several years ago, along with another has-been, “Diddy.”

I remember the days when I used to think that albums were so significant, that the beats and tones of a track were speaking to me, confirming that I was doing the right things in life as I cruised the town with the windows down.

Now I recognize that I was simply young and impressionable, looking fruitlessly for meaningful patterns in the clouds.

It takes some time for the kitten to realize that the dangly toy has no mind of its own; it isn’t alive. Where you may see a lazy, fat, uninterested old cat looking the other way as a new toy is dangled, I see wisdom.

Only Christopher we acknowledge is WallaceI don’t even like Washingtons in my pocketBlack card go hard when I’m shoppingBoat dock in front of Hermes picking cotton

That verse proves my point, its jiggy nut riding bullshit.

BIG dying was the best thing that happened to that guys career.

If double entendre’s is your definition of good, probably should be reppin’ Lupe instead of Jay Z :slight_smile:

Walked into a pub, and it was dead… ev’ body in the Hamptons for the holiday…

So they put in blueprint, ‘Money Cash Hoes’ with DMX.

It reminded me of the gym with the clock ringing, ten seconds left…