Making a Murderer

Just finished watching this. Easily the angriest I have ever been watching a TV show.

Anyone else watch it yet?

What is it about?

Interesting trailer. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I’m about half way through and can’t decide if I’m going to finish it. I probably will because I think it’s something that needs to be seen but just wow, it’s hard to stomach. Highly recommended to watch.

The treatment of the nephew is the most upsetting part about the whole ordeal to me (and I am upset about more things than I can count). The phone calls with his mother broke my heart. That poor kid, don’t know when I’ll be able to stop thinking about it.

Can someone give me the summary? Too lazy to watch the trailer.

. deleted because the below summary is better and I was too angry to not include a couple of early spoilers :slight_smile:

Yeah I watched it there in a couple of days last week. It is an excellently put together documentary about a true life (and ongoing) situation where a man was wrongfully convicted of a crime due to incompetence and malfeasance on the part of the local police force. He spent 18 years in jail and after his release (due to new DNA evidence) sued the authorities including some of the local police department and judiciary individually.

Usually, that is where such stories end (e.g. The Innocent Man by John Grisham). However, that is only the beginning in this case. Amazingly soon after his lawsuit is filed, he is arrested again and charged with a serious crime. Once again, there is evidence of police incompetence and malfeasance but this case also involves the arrest of the man’s 16 year old nephew.

I won’t give out any spoilers but the events that unfold are quite extraordinary. Regardless of your view on their respective guilt, it is clear by the end that justice has not been served. Thus making it maddeningly frustating as well as utterly compelling viewing.

Smores I suggest you edit that to put in a spoiler alert at the start.

I watched it over break this last week. Very interesting story. I would highly recommend it.


As for Steven Avery, it was horrific that he was put away for 18 years for something he didn’t do. Even more horrific was the police work that put him there. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that (except, of course, the Manitowoc police dept).

The timing of the murder of Theresa Halbach is indeed suspicious considering the pending civil lawsuit against the police dept, but I think there’s a high probability Steven did it given the bone fragments found in his fire pit and him being the last KNOWN person to see her. Now, I will admit my first reaction was “Oh no f*ucking way, a few cops on the hook in the law suit killed that lady and framed Steven to save their familes/jobs/reputation/etc.” Especially considering the seemingly planted evidence (key in bedroom “found” months later by cop being sued, Steven’s blood found in Theresa’s car and vile of Steven’s blood being tampered with from first case, and bullet “found” in Steven’s garage by same (IMO) crooked cop months later). But then I realized these 2 events aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. If I had to give a most likely scenario, I would say that Steven did kill her (for what reason, I have no idea which is my biggest hang up with the whole case), and the 2 cops on the hook in the law suit planted evidence to ensure his conviction. So, in the end, I believe justice was served, but the means in which it was served were unjust.

As for Brendan, it was really sad watching his story unfold. I can’t believe his confession was allowed to be entered into evidence given the cohersion from the police. Although, I’m not totally convinced everything he admitted to was a lie. I have a hard time believing anyone is stupid enough to admit to committing crimes as heinous as the ones he admitted to. I do, however, believe someone can be stupid enough to believe police when they tell them they won’t “get in trouble” if they just tell the truth. Brendan was obviously very easily influenced, be it by the police or his uncle Steven, which makes it very plausible that he was invloved to the capacity he admitted to.

Overall, great documentary and IMO justice was served.

Sounds like cops did it.

As with any documentary, there’s a very biased lens through which you are viewing the facts. The documentary conveniently leaves out some very important evidence and facts pertaining to the Halbach murder case. After reading about those online, I tend to believe that Avery committed the crime, although I’m not sure that it could be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.


i lean toward Bobby Dassey and/or Scott Tadych being the culprits. they were over the moon when Avery was convicted. this could have something to do with Avery’s accusation of child molestation as per Brenden Dassey, whether that was believed by his mother or not, or it could have to do with Avery coming back and stealing all their thunder as alphadogs on site. plus he was going to be fabulously rich in a number of days which would certainly make broke-ass people jealous. so doing something terrible and then aftwards thinking of pinning it on Avery would be tempting even if you liked the guy.

the bone fragments in three locations makes no sense if Avery committed the crime. you wouldn’t burn a body in your backyard, and then pick out two pieces of pelvis and move them 10 miles away, and also put a couple of bones and camera and phone pieces a few feet away in a burn barrel. plus i would imagine that burning a body on a bonfire would smell terrible and everyone on the property would immediately know what was happening. it defies the logic of any human being, whether mentally incapable or not. plus with no dna found on Avery’s property, where the crime supposedly took place, i find it hard to imagine a scenario where Avery is able to get her away from his house to commit this murder without evidence being found somewhere on the property. as for bobby dassey and scott tadych, they knew Halbach was coming and when, they went “hunting” off-site right about the time Halbach would’ve left Avery’s property, they own a gun that fits the description which they subsequently tried to sell after the murder, they are their own alibis, they lied about what they saw to incriminate Avery and it was their vehicle that was being sold so flagging her down or using Avery’s phone to discuss the vehicle wouldn’t be outrageous.

there is certainly a chance that Avery did it but i’d bet on bobby dassey and/or scott tadych. the defense raised bobby dassey as a potential perp in the latest appeal but it was thrown out b/c you can’t just start naming new suspects.

oh and bobby dassey had human like scratches on his back in the days after the rape/murder which he attributed to “puppy scratches”. but no evidence of where this puppy came from. who lets a puppy maul their back? the fact that police didn’t go after bobby dassey after discovering this piece of evidence is mind-blowing.


I am on the fence about whether he did it. I can see how some “evidence” points to him, but then I go back to why would he use the car to move her 10 feet to the pit outside his bedroom and garage, where this massive bloody murder would have occured. This massive bloody murder that they happened to find not a single drop of blood from.

The prosecution is trying to get me to believe that SA was smart enough to cover and clean every single drop of blood from the rooms he raped/stabbed/shot her, but then not smart enough to clean his blood from the car, and also just happened to leave the car in plain sight when he had a car crusher right there on his property? That car had every making of someone who “hid” it enough to make it look like it was hid, but not well enough that it would never be found. Also, what is the deal with Colburn calling in the plate number days before anyone knew her car and what it looked like.

My belief is that the ex-BF did it, and the 2 corrupt cops found the car and body, and worked with the ex to burn her and plant stuff on SA. May be a bit far fetched, but to me, those 2 cops seem like the lowest/shadiest people I have seen.

While all of that is bad, the treatment of the nephew is absolutely disgusting. How anyone can watch those interrogations and not see that they led him to every answer is insane. This is clearly a very disabled kid who had no clue what he was saying (he thought he could still go back to school after admitting to a murder, and also thought he would be out in time to watch Wrestlemania that week).

I know there are 2 sides to every story, and I have read that there was some loose evidence not really included in the documentary, but this trial was a complete sham from start to finish. I think SA has no chance at getting out, but the nephew is going to once the case is reviewed at a federal level.


I fell asleep after 20 minutes into the first episode.


The cops did it

“Yeah.” “Yeahh?” “Yeah.”


My wife and I ended up binge watching it over the weekend. Definitely crazy stuff going on here. It has to be mentioned, loudly, that the documentary was extremely one-sided and it’s worth your time (if you really care to dig into it) to see what they left out of the series.

Steve Avery is a whack job. He poured gas on a cat an threw it into a fire, did some public fapping, threatened a cousin with a firearm, drew torture chambers and showed them to his inmate buddies during his first stint in prison, threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend multiple times, and bragged about sexually assaulting a woman while in prison (the first time). Some of that made it into the documentary, most didn’t.

That all said, that only makes him a creepy-ass hillbilly (accept for bragging about the r@pe, if he actually did that one). The documentary, while biased, did a great job of putting plenty of reasonable doubt on the subject and the county definitely did some illegal stuff to ensure he went to jail.

Still, I don’t feel too bad for Steve. I’m leaning 60/40 he didn’t do it, but I’m not losing sleep over him being in prison.

Brendan, on the other hand…Damn. Even if Steve is guilty, and even if Brendan did help him, I don’t think he should be in prison. They kid is soft in the head. There had to be a better solution for him. Plus, he definitely got screwed over by his first attorney. I don’t see how he didn’t get another trial. That’s the real shame of this whole thing, IMO.

Go to for much more info on why (particularly Steve) probably did do it. Still plenty of people defending him there, though. So it’s not entirely one-sided against the Avery’s.


Doesn’t mean he’s a killer and rapist. He’s was a troubled young person at c.19y/o and it’s not as though he had much chance in life being a hill-billy and his family being hated all over town.

Killing and raping someone, and drawing torture chambers are very very different things. I dont even know what that is an issue as it highlight the prejudice against this man and his young dumb cousin.

love this, the accents are incredible. Me and the wife started watching over the weekend and have been starting our phone calls with “yeah?” yeah?" as well as repeating “you shut your damn mout”

We’ve got 2 episodes to go tonight but so far I’m slightly surprised by the fact that most people seem to think he’s innocent. I’m sure the documentary is very one sided, gripping nonetheless.

My wife has a weird crush on Dean Strang