Manila's commutes from Hell

“Flashlight in hand, the street-sweeper Alejandro Galasao, 58, navigates a labyrinth of alleys to catch a bus to the capital, Manila, 30km (18.6 miles) away. He has to wake up in the middle of the night for a job that does not start until 6am. Traffic is so bad in Manila that if he leaves any later than 3.30am, there is no way he will clock in on time.”

"Janice Sarad works at a bank head office and leaves home four hours before work starts in Bonifacio Global City, a Manila business hub. On a typical day, Sarad, 22, takes a train, a bus and two passenger jeeps to get to work…”

“When I feel stressed, I try not to dwell on it. I just think about how lucky I am being able to work, and for getting home safely every day.”

What a great attitude. We should all be tankful for the blessings of our life.

I’d really like to know what your Google Alerts are set to.

Thought it was a girl at first. But it’s a dude with some girly weabo haircut.

i want to retire at bgc. you have residentials mixed with commercials. so you can just take the elevator down and you are at the mall. if you are a rich then it is a really nice place. if you are a poor then not so much.

I hate my commute.

About a year ago, they put another stop sign between my house and the office. Now I have two stop signs AND two stop lights. My commute went from 7.5 minutes to 8 full minutes.

“LA Ranks #1 Most Stressful Commute in US”

Better invest in a self driving car so you can at least watch TV or something while commuting.

Do you drive a pick up? From what I have seen on /r/roadcam, drivers in Texas don’t need to obey rules. You can probably shave it down to 4 minutes.

Lol i commute for 3hours every day

In 2008 I was living in Yorba Linda and commuting daily to Northridge, which is in the San Fernando Valley: Northern Los Angeles. My drive time was typically 90 minutes each way. However, when gasoline prices started to rise – approaching $4.00 per gallon – my drive time dropped to 70 - 75 minutes each way.

I was probably the only person in Southern California who welcomed the high gas prices.

Then again, maybe not.

3 hours driving is worse than 3 hours on train though. You can play video games or something on public transport, but if you are doing stop and go traffic the whole time, you’ll just get enraged.

My drive into the office is about ten minutes.

Wherever I go, I’m a boss.

That is one of the good things about living in Podunkville, TX. I can get anywhere in town in less than 10 minutes.

It sounds like a trivial thing, but it’s not. For those who spend three hours a day commuting, you’re adding 15 hours a week onto your work schedule. You’re “working” 55 hours a week, but only getting paid for 40. Basically, that’s like working an extra two days a week.

Some people will endure three hour commutes so they can live in San Diego or LA or Houston or Chicago or something. Not me. With my extra 90 days a year, I’d rather be on vacation–in San Diego or LA or Chicago. (Not Houston. Houston sucks. The best part of Houston is I-10, which takes you to San Antonio.)

9/10 times my commute in LA involved driving with the top down and my shades on through palm tree-lined sunset to beverly glen to mulholland. If i wasnt stuck in traffic I’d probably be cruising at 5mph anyway - suck it fast commuters elsewhere!!

Not sure i fully follow your bosnia-inspired stream of consciousness here brah. Anyway, hit that fine indian buffet in midtown earlier this week for lunch and had a sick gajar halwa for dessert - your mom ever makes this homestyle? I like it better when they don’t put raisins in it but can see how this viewpoint may be controversial in some circles, where do you side on the issue.

Im down for rasmalai, it’s good. Gulab jamun highly overrated, syrupy sweets like baklava from my part of the world highly superior. Please, no contest here brah.

100% gulab jamun is highly overrated. I like rasmalai and kheer.

That’s not a really popular dish, I don’t think? I don’t like bananas (except in banana bread for some reason) so I wouldn’t like it.

Every once in a while I come across a traffic jam on my commute to work. Usually a cat or two on the stairs.

Commuting is for cunts