i think this is legit. i dont let anyone pass

no homo?

Something is not right with the logic here.

If her hypothesis is right: men don’t move out of the way because they walk confidently everywhere and never cede space to others, and this is a gendered thing particular to men, then men should be slamming into each other all the time. Given the numbers of males in the population, this should be easily visible, as well as quite amusing.

Clearly, we don’t observe this, so it does mean that when men navigate, at least half of men cede space in Male-male imminent collisions (or more likely more than half of men cede space more than half of the time). Thus, clearly men DO cede space to others, and fairly frequently. Moreover, most men do it without growling and snarling and overt displays of dominance.

As far as the male female dynamic, there presumably is some difference, but the idea that men never or even rarely cede space because they are men just doesn’t hold up to the most casually observed interactions. It may be that women cede space earlier and we men are just used to that wihtout thinking about it, but the idea that men don’t cede space to anyone because they are men just doesn’t hold up.

Otherwise, it could be that men only give way to other men, and not to women. There are few male-female collisions because women tend to give way. Also, when isildurr mentions his “girlfriend”, I am pretty sure he means a woman that he man slammed outside. It’s also how he lost his virginity.

My experience has actually been the opposite. I’ve been run off the sidewalk far more times in my life by groups of 2 women walking side by side talking and expecting everyone else to move.

^ So beta.

Lol, that’s what I was thinking.

At the same time, maybe a lot of the manslamming she experienced came from the fact that someone walking at you with squared shouldlers has different and more agressive body language that generates the response she got.

I bob and weave through other folks on the sidewalk like Barry Sanders going through a defense.

It’s only Thursday but this is the post of the week.

The best way to get another person to yield to you is to slow down (even stop for a split second if necessary) and give him/her a choice. 9 times out of 10 they will step aside or walk around you. And if not, it’s just not the battle worth fighting imo…

I’m the type of person that, if im walking on the correct side of the sidewalk and in a straight line, i will not alter my walking path for anyone. The types of people who ignorantly run into me most frequently, in order, are:

-women of all ages. In my 10 block walk home day, i mustve run into half a dozen people walking obliviously, with 5 out of the 6 or so being women. The worst one was two middle aged women with big purses walking side by side on a narrow side street who had no intention of getting out of the way. I slammed my elbow into one of them as i walked by.

-people walking dogs

-people pushing strollers

-black and hispanic men

I’ve found the complete opposite. I find women tend to continue walking and expect the man to move. There have been so many times that i would have completely laid out the girl if i didnt end up moving - clueless women.

When it comes to men, i find the opposite, then tend to be aware of their surroundings and provide ample room for me to walk.

Long story short, women are clueless creatures that shouldnt be allowed outside the kitchen… Haha jk, but honestly, look where you are going.

I think what she discovered what most men discover: if you spend your time being a jerk about not ceding any space, you find yourself bumping into lots of other jerks doing the same thing.

We don’t have any idea how big the sample was. 23 out of 30 men would be a lot of jerks. Only 23 out of 1000 men would be somewhat surprising. How many men did not bump into her? Was this 5th avenue? Or a rural road??

Yes, phalanxes of baby strollers are a menace.

Professional women are by far the worst offenders in downtown Toronto when it comes to this. I’m 6’2, 220lbs, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve faced the dilemma of letting them learn the hard way that walking with cellphone looking down turns you into a 120lb bouncing ball… but so far I’ve taken the high road.

Pavement etiquette is one of those things I get intensely irritated about and upon reflection a lot of the irritation comes from the fact that I abide by unspoken rules that other do not. women are by far and away the worst offenders for walking around without really any awareness of where they are or of the people around them. zig zagging around, stopping randomly, walking side by side blocking the entire pavement and never ceding, standing around in doorways or just generally the worst possible places to stand.

The article made me realise that perhaps the underlying issue is that men and women have different approaches. I’m conflicted between the traditional requirement to be chivelrous and the modern urge to not be tolerent of people acting like ****s.

The only people I’ve ever physically bumped into have been euro tourists, especially the French, Italian and Spanish, of which there are shitloads in my city, as they are by far and away the absolute worse for not giving a shit about anyone else around them and living entirely in their own heads with no regard for their surroundings, stopping in the middle of a busy pavement to accentuate an anecdore waving their hands around like child on a sugar high. I went to Madrid with work last year, if I had to live there I would do a Falling Down.

I personally found NYC to be totally fine for walking around. Busy pavements but most people were polite and courteous, even in busy areas.

What is the correct side to walk on? Is there universal agreement that people should keep to one side when walking?

Same side you drive on, methinks.

If I spot someone I am on course to bump into, I tend to plot my way around, and I assume that they are doing it too. If we are on a head on collision, I will often move slightly to one side well before there is any chance of a collision. I won’t tend to go way out of my way or any drastic change, but just enough so that it is clear that my midline is to the right or left of theirs. Then, by the time we actually pass, it’s usually pretty clear what direction each of us will go so as not to collide.

I’ve always assumed that that’s what others do, and I think by and large that is the case, whether men or women. What’s nice about this system is that it works whether both or only one of the people involved does it.

Sometimes, I see people and they are clearly not going to make any change either way and have no reason why they can’t (sometimes if people are carrying something akward or heavy, they do need extra space). It’s a little more common with men to be aware that there’s a potential collision and not care, but plenty of women do it too. I used to go around them, but these days, if I think someone should know better and just doesn’t care, I will let myself slam into them.

It’s like those people who enter the subway before letting people get off. Or people who block subway doorways (assuming it’s not crowded to move), because they are just too lazy to take a step in or out to clear the door. I used to try to squeeze by them. Now I am perfectly happy just to slam into their sides as I push my way past. What?? No one taught you basic manners? You are too dumb to figure out that you need to let people off the train before there can be space to get on?? Then you don’t deserve courtesy from me. If someone makes the smallest effort, I’ll do my best to be polite and careful, but if somone is simply being an ass or ignorant, well, screw you and learn.

Remind me to give Bchad a wide berth.