what if its a thug on the subway, u gonna let him thru?

Wow, what a BSD! You hit some middle aged woman for not giving you the self-proclaimed master financial deity his space. Your mother and wife must be proud.

And I dare you to go toe to toe with me on the sidewalk.

If it’s that important for the thug to get on the subway ASAP, he’s not going to want to miss his spot on the train just to come over and kick my butt.

And Black Swan, people don’t need to give me a wide berth. If they show just a tiny bit of awareness or effort, I’ll do my part to avoid collisions. My plowing through is only for clearly unreasonable or dangerously oblivious people.

I think my point still stands.

Are you freakin’ unreasonable, BS? ARE YOU!!!



I run into people on a daily basis, usually unintentionally. But when I’m getting off an elevator, do not try to get on the elevator before I get off. I will run you over.

Minneapolis has a fantastic skyway system downtown so that we don’t have to face the reality of living on Hoth. Foot traffic in the skyways follows typical automobile patterns, although the way the various paths cross makes it a free for all from time to time. Last weekend I realized at about 6:15 AM that I needed something from my bag that I left at my desk, so I went in to work to grab it before my wife and kids were awake. The skyways are connected to a number of condos and apartments so even though it was about 6:45 on a Saturday there were people out and about. I rounded a corner on the correct side of the path, and was hit mid stride by a jogger. He made pretty solid contact with the ground, where he was lying when he told me to watch where I was going. It was one of those moments where you really stop to think about whether or not you are crazy, because I’m 99% certain I was the one following the usual flow of traffic. By the very act of not being a competive mall walker,* I was already the better man, but I turned around to look at the scene of the crime and I found no scenario where I was the person who should be watching out.

*- I’m not certain if mall walking is a strictly cold weather thing, or if old people do this everywhere that there are enclosed shopping malls, but here in Minnesota, people treat shopping malls like indoor walking tracks in the hours between when the mall doors open and when the shops actually open. The jogger who met an uncertain fate was almost certainly a mall walker before he moved downtown.

Also, how the f*ck are we 27 posts into a thread called “manslamming” without one ambiguous reference? What is wrong with you people?!

I just thought I’d throw in this picture of SRK’s fiery abs to restore balance to this forum.

^Can’t see the pic. I cannot rest until I see the pic.

Indeed, I am disappointed in this forum. There should at least be one “no homo” by now.

I don’t see that anyone has mentioned yet; this is natural human behavior.

Males are the dominant sex and women move out of our way. If you goto a country which has not gone thru “feminism” this is normal behavior. If you are in the USA where females behave masculine then it is common for them to not get out of the way, and expect the male to move.

It would be interesting to study primates in the zoo and see how they naturally behave…

Sort of related to the topic – but has anyone who regularly drives to work noticed that women are getting ridiculously aggressive on the road? Like, flip-you-off-without-a-second-thought-aggressive…to the point where I think to myself, if that were a man, he would not act that way to me, for fear that I would try to corner him at a stoplight and wave him out of the car.

She should repeat the experiment and try walking like this:

Not in Cali where I live. But I have noticed that lots of women drive a Prius and intentionally go under the speed limit to save gas, which causes all kinds of cluster situations. If there is a traffic problem, 4/5 times a Prius is involved and it’s a woman.

Save gas by driving slow and already drives a Prius? Damn, how much is gas in California? I thought it was dirt cheap everywhere now…

This gif does not get any less funny no matter how many times I see it…

Almost all of the time, I’m the guy who will move out of the way on the sidewalk, simply because it’s easier to move than it is to try to “assert your dominance” to the other party. After all, I don’t know that I have any more right to the sidewalk than them. (Hacksaw beta, I know)

Admittedly, though, it’s annoying when it’s a wide sidewalk and there’s a group of four women taking up the entire sidewalk walking side-by-side talking. Then they expect you to move like you’re the jerk that’s in their space.

Love it. when did you get so irrate? must be a dupe.

There probably is an unconcious impulse to get out of the way of someone bigger than you and walking faster than you, even if the chances of a collision are remote. Like when you’re driving and a bus or a truck pulls out in front of you.

I agree, I think women get away with a level of aggression in the workplace that men wouldn’t get away with