Marathon Study Weekend.....Alpha!

Well, here we are AFers. I took a mock before work yesterday so was able to go home early and have my Memorial Day celebration with my wife, daughter, beer and grilling. Going to be a slow start today… but I got nothing but time. I plan on putting in 10 hour days from here to Thursday before winding it down next Friday. Life will consist of studying and working out to keep the mind and body fresh. And as twisted as it sounds, I am going to do my best to enjoy every minute of it. What else to say, this is it, we made it this far, and passing is within reach! Today - Ethics review and performance attribution Sunday - 2009 am paper and then …?? Monday - afternoon mock Whattcha got?

IPS this weekend, Tests reviews and secret sauce + formulas

today - review SS 4-5 (already did the 2009-10 mocks, '10 sample & 2003-09 CFA a.m. exams) tonight - see wife & baby girl (at my in-laws house - giving me space to study) tomorrow - another Mock exam, Ethics & Asset Mgr Code Mon. - brush up areas I mess on Sunday Mock, re-read GIPS Mon. p.m. - another sample exam, NYC-area provider Tues. - more review, mostly Institutions & FI… my areas of weakness Wed. - Fri. - gotta go back to work, some light review in the evenings.

Today is already over for me here in Australia, but I started at 10:00am and it is now 1:00am so I’ve been going for 15 hours (with a few breaks of course). Read through half my notes, did Schweser V2 3PM for the second time (80% bah!) and am busy on 2005 CFAI AM. About ready to call it quits.

newsuper - let me know what you think of the '05 exam. I took it last week. A couple of questions I threw out because I don’t think they’re really covered anymore

Will do. I’m only expecting the IPS stuff to be of any real value really.

today - finishing up re-taking first 5 schweser PM exams for second time, then reviewing incorrect answers tonight Tomorrow - taking SChweser Book 2 Exam 3 AM and PM and reviewing, then focusing Monday - already took CFAI mocks, but retaking 2006, 2007 as a refresher and trying to really concentrate on how they ask the questions and what they are looking for in answers…

reviewing taxes, some fixed income, and derivitives maybe later in the evening review the 09 and 10 mock exams more review, brute memorization of some formulas (don’t forget this) I’m “working” next week, but don’t think I’ll have much mental capacity

yeah, I messed up that indiv. IPS question… frustrating. I was 90% of the way there but left something out & my calculation was 200 bps away from the answer key. The item I left out is a bit ambiguously worded… anyway, once you’re done I’d like to get your take.

Further to CPierce’s point: other thing I need to spend time on are those Taxes/Private Wealth Management formulas… on the FVIF’s. High probability material.

Yeah, the taxes stuff is new to me and it appears new to the Level III curriculum, though people here will tell me that taxes appeared in the Dec08 Level I exam.

did the 2009 CFAI AM exam this AM. yawn, now what? part of me says review IPS stuff, part of me says do derivs today.

Just finished 2008 CFAI exam and SMOKED it! Very happy with results. Going to blast out review all day and night, and hitting Schweser Exam 3 tomorrow. Whole week ahead off too…going to crush this exam.

Review interest rates puts, calls, caps, floors, and payments, I got a feeling this is gonna be on the exam and I don’t know exactly how to do these yet. I’m scared guys. Gonna try to review rebalancing and performance attribution stuff too. Already been at it for 3hrs and hoping to do 10hrs today.

it’s OK, don’t panic… int rates options stuff isn’t that bad

I have a sneaking suspicion about performance attribution and will be trying to focus on that today as well.

I believe international attribution will show up… micro i hope they actually put on there since it is really easy… macro is a different story, if they have that on there I am going to lose my mind…

Having a hard time focusing today… at this point I feel like I’ve seen all of the material 100 times so even though my scores aren’t as good as they should be its been hard to get myself to stay on topic. Started with a review of GIPS today just to get myself going and then I’ll tackle either derivatives or perf eval. 2010 mock scheduled for 4 pm! Tomorrow: Alternative investments and another topic TBD + the 2008 CFA exam

My husband sent me to get a 30 minutes massage this morning…the chick I went to couldn’t believe how jacked up my back is! If she only knew how much time I’ve spent hunched over books. Just did Sample 2 (got an 83…definitely easier than Sample 1). I plan to focus on IPS for a good deal of the next couple of days. Plus some derivatives, FI, and international attribution. I think I’ll lug my books out to my patio this afternoon and get some – beautiful day in Kansas City!

oh schnap, Steph is going outside to get some! But you probably meant some sun??? :wink: I’m going to see my chiropractor on Tuesday, hopefully be all stretched and straightened up for the big day.