March Mocks Answer Sheet

Who has got the answer sheet of the March Mocks?

i am looking for those too

Can you give me the questions of the mock exams ?

I found an questions sheet but the answers didnt have the specific answers (letters of correct answers). It had the explanations and no answers, so it makes it time consuming to figure out the correct answer.

this is an example:

how annoying

If i recall… that’s how the practice assessments were, weren’t they? Anyway, it forces you to read the explanation and that will have some learning/undertanding value to it… assuming you actually read the answers.

there are some answers that I am 90% sure of, and just looking at the answer will suffice. When i am 90% sure and i have to read an entire explanation to deduce the answer, that wastes a lot of time. Plus, i am not even sure if the answer refers to a particular letter (when I am 10% sure of an answer). For instance, the explanation could be closely linked between two letters… so that can make me unsure. I just choose to do other mocks at this point in time unless of course you have the actual answer sheet. I believe this was an online exam as it has tick marks, so I would think the answer sheets came with these explanations.

I understand the frustration… I feel that CFAI really botched the mock format this year. The whole thing is quite frustrating. Oh well, bitching about it here doesn’t help either of us. Play the hand we’re dealt and move on.