Masters or CFA,CAIA,FRM combo

Will the average Masters in Finance add value above having the CFA, CAIA, FRM combo. Trying to get as much relevant knowledge and credibility for the lowest price. Already passed 3 CFA levels and awaiting CAIA level 1 results. Contemplating going back for masters part time in fall or taking CAIA level 2, hoping passed level 1, and FRM this fall. Did the search thing already, no relevant info to my next question: Does the FRM actually teach you the quantitative skills necessary for the exam, or do you need to have a calculus background prior to taking it?

Degree/Charter Collector. Nice hobby though.

Maybe you should take calc at community college instead of all that stuff.

you don’t need another qualification… you need experience… if you already have ample experience… you need to stop this nonsense :wink:

You need job experience. There are those with Master’s in finance, but I am under the impression that going for a Master’s in finance after the CFA program is a total waste of money. It is better to get a top MBA.

Dude – focus on getting a job…duh!

I think you should get PRM, CPA, CMA as well. Then they’d be stupid not to hire you.

Stop studying and start working.

I think I am in similar situation with u, Rydex. I received similar advice when I was choosing whether I should pursue CAIA after passing all 3 levels of CFA. However, I am in real estate side so I finally choose to get the complementary qualifications. I think CFA + CAIA should be enough for you (us). At most an MBA as sternwolf suggests (this is what I am planning of in about 2 years time).

A lot of people are long CAIA these days, espec. in nyc.

Sternwolf, from your personal view, do you think CAIA will in a few years gain wider popularity in global setting? I am in Hong Kong and its name is far less heard of.

CAIA membership is growing rapidly in NYC but probably not as much elsewhere in the US or other countries. I can’t really say. I have a friend who is in Morgan Stanley AI in NY and many people sat for Level 1 this past round.

What Joey said

Why don’t you collect coins, paper money or stamps…it will be a lot less stressful and time consuming?

Whoever said that I wasnt working. Asst. PM at an index shop, you only learn so much at one of these places. Just trying to broaden my knowledge, so I can broaden opportunities later in life. It amazes me how upset and frustrated others get when people try to advance their knowledge and skills. In early 20s, got a solid job, just want bigger and better later on. Trying to find best path to it. Dont know what that destination is, so by broadening the knowledge, I will be in a position to walk down that path once I find correct one. Thank you for your opinions.

Just saying, if your a CFA charterholder, or have a good MBA or Masters in Finance, you will start getting into severe overlap. Why don’t you try and diversify your skills and knowledge by perhaps learning a second language, a musical insturment, or take a kick at marathons or something??? Or if it’s pure book knowledge you seek, learn about something somewhat unrelated, but that you could still integrate into your work. For example, if you want to work in Energy, or Mining & Metals research, learn about Geology??

Maybe I will start a meth lab.


maybe if you consider a masters that would not cover same stuff from the other courses …no point wasting money to learn something you already know …

probably better to start collecting job offers rather than just miscellaneous certifications