May is for Mocks? How is everyone doing

I’m gassed… Pretty much done with mocks just have the Boston left then plan to review the tough questions and solidify formulas/Q cards. I definitely still have some weak areas (mainly currency, variance swaps, select performance attribution, deferred taxes, but I think at this point what I know is what I know… hope it’s enough! Studied for 2 years… still got pwned by some of the mocks lol…

Care to share scores?

Old AMs using Kaplan relevancy doc and additional screening:

2010 AM: 81/104 - 78%

2011 AM: 69/95 - 73%

2012 AM: 78/127 - 61%

2013 AM: 62/87 - 71%

2014 AM: 83/117 - 71%

2015 AM: 86/121 - 71%

2016 AM: 82/98 - 84%

2017 AM: 77/101 - 76%

2018 AM: 72/89 - 81%

IFT 2018 COMPLETION MOCK AM - 62/91 - 68%

IFT MOCK 1 AM: 73% PM: 73%

IFT MOCK 2 AM: 70% PM: 76%

IFT MOCK 3 AM: 67% PM: 67%






KAPLAN V1 PM1: 57%

KAPLAN V1 PM2: 67%

KAPLAN V2 PM1: 70%

KAPLAN V2 PM2: 77%

Did not do the Kaplan AM’s found them poorly written

BOSTON 2021 AM: 73%

BOSTON 2021 PM: 66%

Good luck to all!


I can’t wait till this is all over, I should not be getting excited about your exam scores :smile:
Looking solid, best of luck to you. I’ve been moaning about have to study an extra year with the 2019 cancellations, you are a trooper! Kudos

the scores above just make me sad…

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Boston AM
2 S2000 mocks AM

1 Boston PM

AM Mocks I am not scoring well like 40-55% on them grading them to MM standard based on his videos. I also think comparing AM scores is useless. As somebody can grade to a different standard then yourself. To get 70% on an AM mock that a CFAI grader would award 70% you better really be nailing your answers with all the terminology in the most concise way possible. If you think 70% is a common score on an AM a true 70% scroll down and look at the 90% percentile of AM test results from 2019. They are at 70%… I scored 60% on one though like 3 AM’s ago but 2 questions reappeared from 2017MM mock so IDK if that counts lol. My time is running over when I am typing out my answers. I feel like paper format would be alot easier for my time management. I type too much. My PM scores are looking good 70%+ on the past ones - but getting destroyed on the topic tests like 60-70% on TT’s. In 2019 I got close to 70% but used schweser mainly and the Topic Tests - I did the ethics topic tests twice I think I may do that the final week before the exam. I got 90% in that category doing that. It is important to be fresh on ethics. Last time around I didn’t know several concepts leading into the exam that I know now. So I feel like what I actually know is better, but the format has changed drastically with the CBT.

In 2019 I did 12 AM/PM mocks the old ones and failed. This time around I spent the cash and bought all 2021 mocks. I don’t want to work problems that won’t be emphasized in 2021. I feel like that hurt me in 2019. Towards the last 2 weeks I would spend time learning stuff from old exams that never appeared in 2019 and I should have focused more on nailing the AM down. I used MM this time as well because in 2019 when I finished studying the Schweser notes in April I felt like the AM format was completely a new obstacle Schweser didn’t help address with the notes or the practice exams. Schweser Exams are not good data points and I would say IFT are not that great either. Both are worded in a different way and give too many easy questions. MM have been good with the videos but also crushing. S2000 mocks and MM are the best I think I have seen. They feel like real exams when you do them. You have to look at the question and try to remember random things and bring it all together. I don’t get that sense with IFT/Boston. You either know it or you don’t. MM and S2000 mocks you can know it but do you know it to a certain level where you can fill in the blank and point out very small things. That is the level of the real exam. Alot of these providers don’t give you that pratice.

I am like 400 questions into the topic tests and trying to finish them this week and I will do 3 more mocks from S2000 AM. final week review AM mocks and rework certain problems. Main thing now is doing 600 Topic Test questions. I have done 1000 of the MM questions out of the1700. I dont think I will be able to finish the MM questions no time.

I am absolutely tired of reviewing this material. Level III is draining. I am a re-taker from 2019 and they changed 70% of the readings i read all the material front to back and IDK if it was even worth it. I probably should have just banged out topic tests from the beginning and read where i needed too. I think I spent way too much time reading the original curriculum.


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Cheers for sharing, very useful, brutal score, hope you nail it this year. Must admit, you and @PoisonPut are going to be some fierce competition! See you on the sunny side!

Wow these are impressive AM scores!
Do you plan to attack any new mocks during the final 2 weeks as a warm up for the real exam?
I have been saving the 2021 Boston mock for the final week but accidentally did them yesterday. now I’m debating whether to spend $ on additional mock from 3rd party provider or just redo the BCIII mocks…

No more new mocks… just the Boston that I’m planning to complete in the next few days. Started to redo the IFTs just to maintain exam writing mode, I did them over a month ago so forgot some of the questions and have a list of the difficult questions and self made notes from the BCIII mocks that I will go over multiple times. Will review concept and formula flash cards and probably rewatch the ethics video lectures that should take care of the time remaining.

I think between now and the exam I’m just trying to maintain. Not sure if doing any more mocks will add much value. From the ones I’ve done I’ve been able to fill in the gaps and identify weak areas. Most likely doing more mocks will just be redundant, add more stress and lead to burnout.

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You just needed a little more on the AM. I’m hoping this time you will be able to get over the bar. Sounds like you put in the time. Good luck!

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Good point! This feels a lot like the last 2 weeks before running a marathon - the hard work is done and it’s a matter to staying “in shape” without burning out.

Just beware - I’m sure you already knew but the Boston mock was quite a different animal compared with the other mocks. It took me 3 hours to finish cover to cover - I was able to finish all the IFT ones within time limit

Thanks, I heard it was shyte lol… I haven’t been a fan of the Boston’s for all levels there’s always errors, ambiguity and weird questions…not going to put too much weight on the results just more exam practice… test my short on time panic triage skills… lol… at this point with all the deferrals and extra time i feel no big difference if I write today or 2 weeks just want to get it done… what I know is what I know.

But you are Batman. raspy voice “I am Batman”

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I swore that I wouldn´t come to forum to see these kind of thread (mock grades), but here are mine so far:

Planejamento Grade AM Grade PM
Mock 2017 MM + 300h 17/04/2021 61,00% 53,30%
Wiley 24/04/2021 54,07% 67,00%
Mock 1 MM complete 01/05/2021 43% 45%
Mock 2 MM complete 08/05/2021 41% 57%
Mock 3 MM complete 12/05/2021 54% 68%
Mock 4 MM complete 14/05/2021 54% 61%
CFA oficial 2020 18/05/2021 50% 63,3%

How do you grade the AM paper? Sorry Level 3 newbie here

Most 3rd party providers provide a comprehensive key/rubric to assign marks. In addition rule of thumb is number of minutes = number of marks. Typically 1 mark for a correct selection ie. circle one of the three and the rest of the points equally allocated per justification. For calc questions typically 1 mark for correct formula, another mark using the correct variables another mark for the correct final answer. It’s typically pretty straight forward and not much subjectivity the questions should be very focused with only a handful of possible answers/guideline answers (at least good questions) the answer is looking for specific key words or concepts so going off the guideline answers typically result in zero points. The exam is written so any two or more people marking the same paper should come to a very similar score.

exhibiting the behavioral bias of self control :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for sharing!

You were right! I took 2 hours 50mins to complete. Was a very weird one to mark… the marks allocated did not make sense… Not an overly difficult test but scoring was out of wack and there are some questions that don’t guide us enough to what they want in addition to some super long repetitive calculations.

Anyone else catch that the title of Question 5 states for a total of 30 minutes when it’s actually only 27? Whoever is writing these things can’t even add properly or care to review… what a joke.

am self graded scores are always cap. you always do worse on the actual thing.

FIrst Mock. AM not as terrifying as I’d feared.

Scores suck. But a lot of the material I haven’t touched for a long time.

Kaplan v1 AM1 54.4%
Kaplan V PM1 58.33%

I’ve got 9 days of nothing but study to get those scores up to a pass. Not an insurmountable task.

Did you do their CBT mock? Going to jump on that tomorrow, got a PM today scheduled.

Good luck and happy studying!!

No I’m not even sure what that is. CBT means?