MBA Question for anyone who would know

Just wanted to get a feeling what anyone thinks about my ability to get into my MBA program of choice. Here is my breakdown; im applying to NYU and Columbia. I think my recs will be very good and i feel like im strong at writing essays GMAT: 670 - 45q 37verb (below the average :frowning: ) Undergrad GPA: 3.84 - Univ of Texas - Accounting major Graduate Accounting GPA: 3.74 - Univ of Texas (top accounting school in country) Work at a big 4, will have 3 years at time of application CPA CFA - passed first 2 levels; taking 3rd level in June – passed both on first attempt Any thoughts? Thanks in advance

Your GPA is a little low, and you might want to go deeper into your extracurricular’s, or personal characteristics. While you got 70% of the app good, why do you need an MBA? What about you makes you unique apart from all the other accountants, and why should they take YOU into their class?

That GPA is out of 4 by the way. So 3.84/4 My personals are: Born and lived in South Africa until i was 16 Moved to texas, then to NYC to work … so im well travelled I teach at an inner city school for Junior Achievment. Thats about my only community work though

why do you need an MBA dude, you’re already a CPA, am sitting for LIII and might be a CFA…save the $100k and invest it…and you have a masters in accounting. if you’ve got a monster trust fund and a lot of time i would say absolutely but if you’re going to be footing the bill, whats the point?

Maybe he does not want to be an accountant for his whole career? But anyway, cheros, since you are already applying, I doubt that any of our opinions are really material to you. For what it’s worth, I think you have a shot, but I wouldn’t bet money on the outcome. I mean, you have ok stats, but nothing stands out. Plus, it’s a f*cking tough year for MBA admissions. Btw, you’re only applying to two schools? Or do you have safeties? Good luck in any case.

I went to a top 10 MBA program. From my view this is very good, but the GMAT might be a little low for Columbia. The big schools throwout a ton of apps < 700. Heck , they throw out a ton of apps > 700. Point is, retake the GMAT if you can if you are really trying for Columbia. Of course, if I was you and I got into NYU I would be done. With an MBA from NYU, and a CFA and CPA, all you need is the reputation on the street as a good worker who knows what he or she is doing. Trust me, an NYU MBA with a great reputation with other workers will have more opportunities than a top ten school person with a bad rap. Of course, some people are going to argue that NYU is top ten anyways, and that is true in some circles. So long story short, I am no help.


Thanks for the advice. The reason im only applying to those 2 schools is because I live in NYC, like it here, have a girlfriend who is an actress, and needs to be in NYC. I wouldnt go to Fordham or any other school here. If I dont get in … its not a huge deal. Ill just try again next yr. Also, you’d be surprised. Having a CPA and CFA is no guarentee of a switch out of accounting. The recruiting channels an MBA program provides is not possible with the CFA, neither are the connections. I also agree with you jsjr, I dont think my chances at Columbia are good, which is fine. However when I visited NYU, went on a tour etc, they emphasized that a below average GMAT score wont kill you. They stressed that opposed to the other top schools, they thoroughly review each application. Sounded genuine. Id have no hesistation in accepting if they let me in

Why do people keep bitching about whether or not a business school is in the “top 10”? How do you even quantify that (other than through magazine rankings)?

your gpa is way too low. you usually need anywhere from a 3.91 to a 3.95 to be accepted into an NYU or Columbia. Sorry bud, you should’ve worked harder in undergrad.

Yea dude not to be rude, and I think some have already pointed this out, but you need to bring your GMAT up to at least 720. I mean the average candidate has a 710 for the schools you list! If you passed CFA I and II on first try just put in a good month of study with good prep materials and lots of practice exams and you’ll be fine. GMAT is an easy exam and as long as your practice and learn the tricks scoring over 700 is a cake walk. PS I took GMAT in undergrad, studied for a week over Thanksgiving and scored 750 so if you put in a month you should demolish my score because I thought I kinda" winged it" when I went in to take it since I was still in undergrad and didn’t really give a crap. GL!!

Alright well ill let you guys know what happens, b/c ive taken the GMAT 2ce already and am not taking it again. I think you are dead wrong on the GPA though. The average GPA for NYU is 3.5 (according to their website). How 3.8 is WAY too low when 80% of the GPA’s are 3.2-3.8 is just silly. Could the GMAT be too low, sure, but please dont tell me a 3.84/4 GPA is WAY to low. If you get a 4.0 GPA it means you did nothing else with your time and have no personality.

Hahaha, never said your GPA was too low. But thanks for telling me I have no personality, sob:***-(

Re: MBA Question for anyone who would know Posted by: egomez83 (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: November 23, 2009 09:39AM your gpa is way too low. you usually need anywhere from a 3.91 to a 3.95 to be accepted into an NYU or Columbia. Sorry bud, you should’ve worked harder in undergrad.

I think they are just messing with you. It’s like when you meet a Penn student and say, “Oh, is that a state school”… they just get really pissed off.

ah my bad; didnt catch that first time around. anyway, i put my chances at this: Columbia 25% NYU 50%

Yeah man i was just messing with you. I think your chances are pretty good. Keep us posted and good luck.

gotta get over a 700 on GMAT, youll be tossed out even with the other credentials

think about it this way; lets say 50% of the people they accept get a 750 and above. Then if the average is 710 … 50% must be below that amount. There is just no way they completely rule out anyone who doesnt have a 700.

I dont see why you cant bring up your GMAT to 700 for safety sake(not that difficult and youre right there), it just requires some due dilly on your part. BTW, my credentials are very similar to yours