Men should sit down to urinate

It’s good for the environment, apparently…


Fat men should def sit down to urinate. We have piss puddles all over the fking urinals on my floor and we all know its those 2 fat guys.

Maybe you should start a movement. Who wants to be in charge of t-shirts?

HomoCop 2013 sits to take a leak for sure.

Never. Plus, as I’ve stated, I blame hovering as the primary cause in shared facilities.

The Indian guys in my office will be standing at the urinals with their pants at their ankles and hands on the wall. Every time I see it I’m LMAO

you sneak up often to watch coworkers pee, blake?

I’m all in favor of Japan super toilets becoming more popular, but I mostly stand.

These are scary.

They automatically lift and close the lid based on motion sensors and some of them play music, mostly popular American music. I kid you not that one time when I was in Tokyo in a 5-star hotel the toilet lid automatically opened and starting playing some rap song with the lyrics “Ride with me my nigga.” I left and went to use another toilet.

Also can a non-American explain the appeal of the bidet or “washlet” as it is known in Japan? You basically take water out of the toilet and intentionally allow it to make contact with you. Something is very backwards with that. Have not tried.

I think the bidet spray comes from the pipe, not the toilet bowl. So, it is not actually toilet water. It gets a bit creepy, though, when you combine Japanese automatic toilet with the bidet. I read about this on the internet. It’s like a surprise butt spray in the end.

Bidets are used more often by women to clean themselves down there (though some men use it too). After having had a GF that used one, I’m sold on the idea that bidets are good to have around.

The water is not the same as toilet water, at least from a higienic standpoint. It comes from a separate line.

Not sure about the Japanese version, but as an American bidet owner I just wanted to say they’re awesome.

sometimes i see pieces of feces float back up…why?

A couple of comments here –

  1. You pretty much need a PhD in toilets to figure out how to use a high-end Japanese toilet. Not all of the butt sprays are automatic, but they do have like 12 different modes including a pulsating mode (that’s so wrong) and a softer “misty” type mode. Some also have built in weather reports, news channels, radios, etc. on the side of the toilet. If you are not familiar with the toilets, it can take a while to even figure out how to flush them.

  2. So in theory the bidet spray comes from the pipe, but how confident are you? People piss and crap over all parts of the toilet (back spray). I’m constantly amazed at public bathrooms – how do people get shit in some of the places they do? The physics are astounding. Anyway, how do you know some poo didn’t get lodged in the pipe? There is just no way that anyone can convince me that water coming back out of the toilet is sanitary in any way. It’s simply a flawed concept. Toilets should be one way only.

  3. Bidets are extremely popular with men as well in Japan. This was a running joke in Japan since everyone knows that I am terrified of trying the “dirty butt water spray pipe.” On multiple occasions I entered into bets where if I lost I would have to try the poo-water spray, but fortunately I never lost (this was great because people kept doubling down and I ended up bilking several people on these bets). In a bizarre cultural twist, Japanese people think Americans are weird for not using the bidet every time. What a backwards country.

^I have to disagree. After having lived in Tokyo for over a year. I find the bidets were quite useful. Frankly toilet paper just doesn’t get the entire job done.

Ok, so I dated a Kuwaiti for awhile. Muslims in that part of the world use a hand held bidet hose. I have one in my apartment now. It totally revolutionized my worldview. Bet $200 I ever spent. The US method of using paper seems messy, inefficient and wasteful.

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Bidet gets half the job done, as does toilet paper.

What you need is a bidet first to get that fresh clean feeling, then a toilet paper to - err - mop up the crumbs.

If you don’t have both, use baby wipes, they are the best of both worlds. (If you don’t know, those are wet thick soft paper towels for use on a baby’s butt.)

This may be crossing the line of TMI, but if you eat healthy and have a reasonably active lifestyle, short of some medical problem, you should not be shitting molasses. If you eat Snicker’s bars and grilled cheese sandwhiches all day, even the bidet isn’t going to save you.