messenger bags, any one got a favorite?

I saw this deal this morning:

Which got me thinking about replacing my bright yellow canvas messenger bag I got for test driving a car 10 years ago that I still use to carry my laptop and books to work everyday.

Anyone have a favorite bag they use? I’m pretty rough on my bag so that’s why I’m looking for a cheaper one but should I spend up?

Everyone in NYC seems to be rocking one of these these days, but they aren’t exactly cheap.

I have a slightly older model of this Tumi slim messenger bag here. It’s very lightweight and compact, but the ballistic nylon makes it quite durable and it’s large enough to fit an ultrabook, AC adapter, water bottle, tablet, and other miscellaneous items. Quite a few compartments inside to keep things organized. I’d recommend.

I usually just use the Dell Bag that came with my company laptop, but I’m a function over form kind of guy.

Build your own…! Recommended!!

Messenger Bag = Murse

Go with this homie.


I haven’t seen a guy carry a briefcase other than the >60 crowd for about a decade.

If you want to be hipster “to the max”, check out these bags made from recycled tires. Attention from eco chicks is guaranteed.

I used to have an old school briefcase, but I traded it 17 or 18 years ago for an original Lynx “Boom Boom” driver.

This is the best by far.

Anyone here think it’s okay to wear backpacks?

To OP, the kenneth cole one looks legit.

I wouldn’t wear a backpack or pull a rolly bag.

Unless it is a carry-on for an overnight trip, but that is a carry-on not an everday roller bag.

edit: I agree, Kenneth Cole one looks good, I’d only wonder a little bit about durability. The tire one I’d be scared it would smell like rubber all the time.

I got this as a present like two years ago. It’s absolutely fabulous.

I’ve been carrying in my lunch in a plastic grocery bag for years. A few days ago, this older lady at the office tells me, “hey, I remember my nutty university professors carrying their lunches in plastic bags.”

Ever since, I’ve been self concious of this and I now endeavour to acquire a proper bag. Especially if I’m heading to a new shop… don’t want to be a nutty professor.

Really nice suggestions. I really like the Tumi that Numi posted.

Also I really like this one:

Don’t really care for the Ducati on the side (I don’t even know how to ride a motorcycle) and it would match nothing I wear, but man it looks nice.

damn I thought you guys were talking about legit cycling messenger bags, was going to recc Timbuk2.

That is surprisingly presentable, though I do go for the more traditional attorney’s case.

Brown paper?