Mexico's Latest Toll: 49 Headless Bodies

Anyone from Souf of the Boarder care to comment?

bodies bein’ found on Greenleaf

Occupy Wall Street needs to take a clue from these guys.

What no love for the Dre reference?

CFAvsMBA isn’t actually a black guy in real life. He is actually an introverted Jewish kid with a degree in Econ from NYU who really enjoyed the series, “The Wire.” Rightly so, good series.

Oh, does he hold all the designations that are listed in his profile? He seems like a smart guy to me so I never even thought about it.

As for race/ethnicity. coolness, intelligence and respect are all that matter to me and I give him an A+ on all accounts.

Chill son. Just cuz I didn’t reply doesn’t mean I didn’t know. Dis brotha was enjoying sum

bbq tonight.

Jewish whiteboy? Nigga please!

mexico is one violent place, but folks I know keep going down there for a winter break

did they find the heads? what are they doing with them?

Ground beef for tacos.

For the most part, the resort areas are pretty safe. Not sure how much longer that will last, as I think there were some issues in one of the Pacific resort areas in the past couple of years, but at least for now tourists who stick to the coastal areas are pretty safe. I assume the cartels know that nothing good will come from killing a bunch of American tourists. The rest of the country is a different story, very violent and dangerous. My wife’s former boss is from Mexico and we asked her a couple of years ago if she was thinking of going back and she said no way. She and her husband do fairly well and they have a couple of kids and are afraid that they would be kidnap targets. I think it has only gotten worse since then.

I lived in Mexico and yeah, cities near the border are totally lawless. Income inequality in Mexico is huge, and it always has had hordes of poor people, but they just were happy being poor until there was massive access to automatic weapons, and suddenly many Mexicans thought it was okay to wake up their Pancho Villa + Genghis Khan spirit and going against a rival drug cartel in full Sparta mode.

It’s contrasting because that income inequality created a very nice life for people with high income. Home prices in my former neighborhood in Mexico are higher than those here where I live in Montreal; tuition of private elementary schools nearby easily run north of $10-15K USD/year; BMWs, Mercedes, etc. everywhere, like it was the norm. Stuff you wouldn’t expect in a poor country. Those overlapped societies coexist peacefully in many parts of the country, that’s why so many well off people from the US, Canada, and Europe chose to live in Mexico. No one in his right mind would pick anything close to the border to live though.

Rookie mistake, if your boy bodhi was back on the block he would’ve went for an even fifty.


Chill son. Just cuz I didn’t reply doesn’t mean I didn’t know. Dis brotha was enjoying sum

bbq tonight.

Jewish whiteboy? Nigga please!


Why is this clown allowed to use this kind of language! All we know he could be a 40 yer old white man dreaming of being Black. This guy is an imposter. You whole persona here is mostly based on you being a tough black guy. You stories of attempted mugging and stuff are all fictional. Maybe the reason why all the bros are trying to get at you is because you are a big fat white guy with a big target on his head. No self respecting black man would “represent” the way you do up here.

^ two thingsI learned early on are 1, you get more bees with honey, and 2, while it feels good to get the last lick, it’s not adding benefit to your own position. Give it a rest. I’m not out to stack haters on AF.


Reasons why:

  1. The first amendment.

  2. The internet. Speech is even freer here.

  3. Black people talk this way.

Indeed, no self respecting black person would choose to represent himself this way. But the truth is, many of them do. It can be very profitable and popular to speak this way (50 cent, the cast of 'The Wire" etc). Think of all the careers and money that have been made portraying this rather poor image of black people. Yet, it is popular with both white people AND black people. Yes, it is equivalent to minstrelsy but this, for better or worse, is an insanely popular image to portray in our modern culture reinforced by just about every TV character, Rap Star, or whatever you see in entertainment.

As soon as Blacks choose to portray a different image of their culture this style will vanish, and those left doing it will look very grotesque indeed.

Until then, nigga please, I reject the idea that it is somehow perfectly “Ok” for blacks to degrade their social image this way but at the same time absolutely terrible for a white guy to enjoy, imitate, or participate in this degradation. It is either bad for both or acceptable for both. You can choose which one you think it is, but equal rights should apply equally.

However, judging by the amount of money that has been made by white people imitating black people in America I know I wouldn’t exclude myself from those profits.

so CFAvsMBA is a jewish kid or fat white guy?

my guess is he is half black or something…its the internet…if he acts this way in real life, guaranteed he is unsuccessful…the “black” image is only successful in entertainment (50 is a in love with floyd and The Wire is a goddamm tv show) you don’t see the CEO of MacDonalds talking this way…

the image is also extremely immature…and quite frankly, classless…you don’t get HCBs talking that way…

If Frank isn’t allowed to like he’s black then I think I don’t think it is fair that the CEO of McDonalds s allowed to imitate white people.

Chicken T - The first Amendment doesn’t give you the right to call people the N word.

True this is an internet website. Nonetheless, AF being a professional website we have minimum standards to uphold. At a minimum one should not be allowed to throw the N word willie nilly. The N word may be glorified in TV shows but at home we dont say to our dads " hey N***a pass the remote" or to our moms " hey b**h there is no salt in this chicken".

If this fool wants to fantasize about being black he could do it in his own home and role play with his lil buddies. Here is not the place for that type of ignorance.

i kinda agree with StormyHotel here…we have to class up the joint…using the n word is pretty unclassy…if a potential employer saw me use it, i might not get the job on that basis

…i’m starting to worry about my incessant rants about HCBs…hopefully they will understand…