Miami L1s?

Anyone sit for exam in Miami?

I did! Which center were you at? I tested at the downtown location (James Knight Int’l Center).

I was in the Miami room at the Knight Center. Was there more than 1 Level 1 room?

Yeah, there were a few. I was in Merrick I and II for the AM session. They made us move after that, can’t remember the name of that room.

Yeah, it was a nice hotel and I felt the Miami room was suitable for testing purposes…although very very cold. How do you think you did?

I was absolutely freezing the whole test, even though I brought a sweater. I actually was a little sick going in and felt awful by the time I left. I actually thought the test went well, though… I had a lot more time left over than I thought I would, which could be either good or bad I guess. Do you remember what room you were in? How do you think you did?

I tested at FIU in North Miami. Section C.

Are you guys from Miami? I had to come from Tampa to take the exam.

I was in the Miami room. I finished the first test with over an hour left and felt incredibly confident that I got at least a 75%. I walked out with a smile on my face…so relieved. Then, I head back to the second exam and I felt that I prolly narroed 30 questions to 50/50 and had to make educated guesses. Very disheartening. I didn’t have the same smile on my face at the end of the day. I actually drove from Jacksonville. Would have been closer for me to go to Atlanta I believe, but it was full. Where do you work in Tampa Aimee?

Yeah, I did better on the first half as well but overall there were definitely more 50/50’s than I would have liked. I still had a big smile afterwards though just because I was so glad it was over! I’m actually in St. Pete and work for Raymond James. What about you? I thought about going to Atlanta instead but the hotel (surprisingly) was cheaper in Miami.

I didn’t know Raymond James had analysts in St. Pete. I started working for GEICO after graduating from Stetson University in 2005. They had a regional office in Lakeland. A classmate of mine in the investments program at Stetson took at job as a research analyst in Atlanta. How do you like it there? I work for a small firm as a valuation analyst where I value closely held interests (mostly for tax purposes). I’d like to get into the public markets more after I get this designation.

That’s cool, I worked for a business valuation company in college that sounds pretty similar. Found it really interesting. They do have analysts here but sadly I’m not one. I evaluate portfolio managers on mutual funds… not quite up there with the analysts but it got me started in the investment industry.

Yeah its interesting but I’ve had such a great interest in the public equity markets since I was…10 or 11…literally lol. Ironically, I interviewed with Morgan Stanley 5 times for a job evaluating portfolio managers…and didn’t get the job lol. However, you are right…it does help to get your foot in the door. As I was working in insurance I was desperate to get my foot in the door valuing anything really :slight_smile: Does their career path allow you to move to an analyst position once you earn your designation? If you pass, which im sure you will, do you plan on taking the level 2 in June or December?

askajan- I graduated from stetson in 2005. You in the RG program? Not that big a school, I am sure we must have known each other.

hmmm WJG who are you? lol I was a student trustee in the Roland George program.

gilcher, BJ

Whoa whats up BJ its Kajan, Alex :slight_smile: Where are you working now?

I work for a small firm in Stuart FL. I was just promoted to PM and made partner. We manage domestic equity with a focus on small caps. Its great work. How did the test go? I assumed that I would have known someone at the testing center, guess I did just didn’t see you.

Yeah I expected to see plenty of RG students in Miami. However, I believe you said you took it at FIU. I was at the James L Knight Center in Downtown Miami. That’s awesome about the promotion, congrats. I just instant messaged Kelli and let her know I just ran into you…small world. Um I thought the first test was cake. I used Schweser and I felt the AM test was a lot easier than anything Schweser provided me with…however, the PM test was much more difficult. I felt given my performance on the second test, that my overall score was going to be very close. I thought I prepared as well as I could prepare for the exam but the questions were very obscure. If for some reason I didn’t pass, I don’t feel its from lack of studying and I would just take it again in June and hopefully pass with little more preperation. Although, I feel I got at least a 70% so we will see. How did you do?

I took the exam in Miami at FIU in room 114. I felt like the morning session was harder on econ and quaint, but so much easier in the afternoon. I feel like this will be a close one for me. What I can’t understand is why the girl behind me would show up for both the morning and afternoon session without a calculator and finish the exam in less than an hour. …then there was another guy who had to borrow a calculator from someone who had brought two!