Midtown Uniform

Can someone give me the lowdown on this trend?


I think it originated from silicon valley


To each his own, a lot of women, and some delicate men, get cold very easy. If they have to wear it to maintain their body temp and not shiver, let them have at it.

Vests keep you warm, but they are easy to put on over your office shirt. You don’t want to wear a jacket all day in the office.

This has been around for at least a decade. I used to rock it with a Patagonia vest back in the day, before I learned that preppiness was lame and an utter lack of expression.

Go full Gordon Gekko or Nirvana grunge. Only way.


Source: Am wearing a vest

I’ve never been cold at the office a day in my life.

Got that arctic blubber, eh?

Puffy back to the future vest or bust…

No Jesus keeps me warm


^ totally agree ACE, do one or the other.

I was shocked when I arrived on these shores and saw what qualified as professional attire. I was kind of expecting people with brown shoes, pockets on shirts, button down collars etc but the fleece-vests, “slacks” and baggy suits were a surprise.

I’ve had to admit defeat on the t-shirt under the shirt thing even if it does look terrible. I was getting too many people looking at my nips and thought I should cover up. I now know what it feels like to be a woman in Saudi.


As a guy from these shores, I know that brown shoes are a big non-non in Europe, but why so? Shed some light m’Gringo. I read something about brown brogues being of working class origin in scotland but now they are suddenly ‘fashionable’ here as work shoes, while the new world considers black shoes to be fuddy duddy. I get that tan brown shoes are a big faux pas but what about darker brown or cognac colours? Agree with the rest though.

Walking through the City (london) people were dressed to the T, even bank tellers, even though there were some chav fashions going on too (tie clips and skinny ties really irk me)

I don’t really know why to be honest, it’s just one of those things that makes a suit look more casual to the British eye. I’d hadn’t heard the thing about brown brogues having working class origins in Scotland but the theory kind of checks out. In days gone by there were business suits and casual suits that you wore every day.

My grandad and his friends wouldn’t have gone out of the house in anything other than a suit and tie even if they were just going to the boozer to play dominoes. A totally different style to business suits though.

I have brown brogues and wear them a lot but never at work. skinny ties are an abomination.

I see most people in the States wear suits like the below:

^How’d you get my tinder profile pic?

I didn’t know brown shoes were bad in Europe. In Canada, it’s either brown shoes and navy suit / black shoes with black suit. Grey suit with brown shoes works too. Belt matches the shoes.

A wise man once brought up this horrendous fashion trend in another post: https://www.analystforum.com/forums/water-cooler/91357783