Mike Tyson Getting Back in the Ring

Even at 53 I bet he could still knock somebody’s head off. How much would you have to be paid to get in the ring with Mike?

Out of sheer boredom, I was watching old boxing matches last night. Came across the Tyson-Larry Holmes fight back in '88. Holmes was retired for 2 years and Don King offered him $3.5m to fight Tyson. He took the money and lasted 4 rounds before being put on his ass 3 times, with the third turning the lights off temporarily. Granted, Tyson was 21 at the time and an absolute wrecking ball. I would most certainly pay $50 bucks to watch a Tyson charity event go sideways.

Those body shots…

A layman’s head? Absolutely!

A trained boxer’s head? Much less likely, especially for a boxer in his prime.

Yeah I’m not saying he could dance with the current heavyweight champ or anything, but I’d bet there’s one or two chumps on the circuit that he’d give a run for their money. Only takes one of those vicious uppercuts to end the fight in a hurry.

If you can get past the first 1:30 of the first round with Tyson, you’re past the hard part.

If someone offered you $1M for every minute you could stay in the ring with Tyson would you take it?

There are a number of factors at play here. In the first instance, the $1m/min would have be broken down per second ($16.7k/second). If it was 60 seconds or bust, I’m turning that down. Secondly, my preference would be a dive gym with no audience or cameras. Assuming the first request is met, I’d likely take that deal. A televised event would make you a hero or the biggest loser walking planet earth. Forever shunned and perhaps a career altering fight for the sake of 500k - assuming you could run around the ring for 30 seconds without being turned into a pretzel.

Nope. I still regret doing MT quasi professionally and getting knocked out a few times.

I’ll say this, pre-CTE discovery in simpler times when we thought concussions were just temporary I would have jumped right in and hoped for the best. Post-CTE I don’t think I would.

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You wouldn’t have to throw punches but you are required to try to stay on your feet.

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Mike Tyson got like 20 lbs on this guy too… I’m gonna pass.

Maybe if I was still a young buck I’d consider it. Body doesn’t heal too quickly these days

Not just no, but hell no.

I don’t know how much Tyson weighs these days, but F=MA, and in that training clip, he’s still driving his hips to get some serious A.

I still have most of my original teeth and two kidneys. I’d like to keep them a while

i remmeber when bitcoin was with a pro in tj, and he was booked for an hr, but was done pretty quick, he asked if he could prorate it. had to shake his hand after that. i have to respect the effort.

If I hadn’t witnessed a semi-pro boxer fight a few years ago, I probably would have taken the 1mio offer with Mike Tyson. But if that semi-pro dude was so quick and vicious, I don’t even want to think what kind of a monster Tyson is. Yeah hell no, my brain and life is more valuable than 1mio.

Oldie but goodie. This is me vs. Mike Tyson.

Did you know Tyson is the same age as Salma Hayek? I’d much rather get in the ring with her.


but would you put a ring on her?

She looks like Snooki

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Boxers and Wrestlers are two types I would never fvuck with. This is coming from a guy who has done Sambo/Muay Thai to a pretty decent level (unlike Ace who paid Thai boyz to beat them in MT camps).