Milo papadoupapa tries to rationalise paedophillia

And gets his book scrapped. So sad!

yo frankybarnes, where you @? Your controversial hypothesis on the link between white boys and this heinous crime is looking truer by the day

Yes, Milo sucks, big time. I don’t think you understand things very well, though

Daddy knows what’s up :wink:

This has not been a good week for him and I think his troll bit may be up. He claims he was abused but you also have to consider the source in that he may just be throwing together a random unverifiable defense. That being said, it’s interesting that this is where everyone arbitrarily draws the line.

I don’t think anything is over, remember Trump and “pussy grabbin”, nobody cares anymore.

Milo protests the witch hunt, they just attacked him with more witch hunt…essentially the establishment just increased the market in which he is a monopoly player. And there’s 100 Milos in training, conservative satire I predict will be huuuge.

And more damage to libs; this shows liberal fascism. George Takei is such a creepy sicko, and liberals love this guy. Here he is saying the EXACT same thing; older man touched his pee pee when he was 13, and he loved it, and all the liberals cheer. The point is progressivism is arbitrary, it is now tripping over its own rules. They are “the deciders” and shut up conservatives whenever one gets DANGEROUS, that’s how the war started.

milo needs to out the hollywood elite he witnessed drugging and diddling little boys. pedo is part of the power structure and Trump is taking it down, as I have been saying for a month. over 1,500 arrests at low levels and up the ladder he will go after everyone in cuffs rolls on those who aren’t yet. it will end with some VERY big names that have already been uncovered with a mountain of circumstantial evidence by citizen journalists. The elite are going to have to sacrifice a few of their inner circle.

The last line I agree with somewhat, Dave Chappelle used to have a bit talking about R Kelly peeing on that girl and the punchline was about how old was 15 really? Milo certainly pushed the limits and it looks like this time it caught up with him. Dont worry guys he made a ton of money so dont feel bad for him, im sure he can make a blog or something and rake in cash from that as well. Looking at The_Donald they will defend him to the end

Im also with you TF, if he saw something he should be outing those people or hes all talk. Im all for him outing pedos

Bryan Singer gets a free pass because he made one good X-Men movie.

How though?

I think he’s going to do just what he said. Book coming later this year, keep hammering the college campuses. Are they going to stop his free speech? His audience is larger than ever, kids want to hear him speak. All his fans are doubling down on him. Huge FB traffic…

Well, not really. He keeps booking gigs on college campuses but they keep getting cancelled due to student protests. The snowflakes can’t abide him and his.

Kids want to hear him in the same way kids wanted to hear those shitty emo bands back in the mid 2000s. They’ll be embarrassed when they grow up, just like the kids that are die hard libs who play hackey sack and dont bathe.

The dude abides

Do you seriously want to fight me bro?

Macro socioeconomic call – I’m calling this the end of a 50yr progressivism cycle, and the beginning of a cycle of conservatism.

There’s NOTHING cool about being a liberal anymore. Markets break when the last idiot climbs on, liberalism “jumped the shark” awhile ago. The cool new thing is being a modern conservative. Economically things will be hard for the US this century, in times of need societies get slammed back to traditionalism. Milo is positioned perfect, cultural revolution, he’s teaching the snowflakes how to not be losers.

It’s hard conservative for 8yrs of Trump which is going to be great for this market, and then the democrats will have to shift hard right too. Nobody is going to back “safe spaces” and PC and all that crap. That ended.

lollll were you a scene kid BS?

*Turns up My Chemical Romance*

^ LOL, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

Evanescence or hacksaw.

Lol yes. Well more early 2000s so before things got real sh*tty at the end when MCR and AFI started putting out those girly pop albums. It was more in the Finch, Thursday, Static Lullaby, Alkaline Trio, From Autumn to Ashes, Northstar etc era. I wouldn’t take it back, haha.

Shit, well now I know what I’ll be listening to the rest of the day…