minimum time required for L3


Do it, then report back.


You must be a very smart dude…So I quess you can do it…

ur one hell of smart dude

i know my batch valedictorian can do it with that time frame

maybe u can too

no sarcasm

You scary son. 170hrs and I’m looking at band 5. Max. I say go for it. Far better to attempt and fail than never fail at all. All this bs about passing on every first attempt is for pussies.


studied 250 hours in 15 days, passed.

Study from 6:00am to next day 3:00am and sleep for 3 hours for 15 days

I’d well believe 15 days is possible. I studied 4 weeks for each of 3 levels and got each first time. If you want 6+ hours sleep a day I’d say you should aim for 4 weeks. Although it really comes down to whether you’re study style is to cram or not. Mine is so that works for me. Personally, I struggle to comprehend people starting to study for next June’s exam’s already.

I have a theory that a lot of ex-military people are able to get by on much less sleep than the rest of us. I am jelly.

Congrats dude u must be a genius *_*

I somehow think if you are determined, everyone can study 18 hours per day for a week. I used to do that in college before finals and it was actually kind of fun to do it with friends… However, that is just not good for the health and biology will punish us if we don’t know how to care take of our own health. So now I slowed down because I am already at my late 20s and hope to be in a good shape when entering 30s…

You guys are study beasts. I struggle to maintain focus after more than 4 hours in a day, tops. For L3, I studied about 200 hours but it was over 9 months. I couldn’t imagine doing that in a few weeks. I’d love to have that level of focus.

So no, not everyone could study for 18 hours a day for a week. I’d stop retaining anything after about hour 5, and I’d be braindead for the rest of the week. :slight_smile:

Good on you guys.

i am interested to know if the TS or any of the other people studying for 15hours/day are using adderall or something similar.

i studied for 1 week for level 1, 2 weeks for level 2 and 3 weeks for level 3.

stop this nonsense. you need to put in work for this. some joker gets lucky once in a while but thats not the norm.

i clocked in close to 2000 hours, spread over 10months

I study at lunch break, burn my weekends…

seriously no joke. I was aiming for 3/3 for this program

And add more challenge to that, I don’t have a finance background

theblackswan, Putting in 4 weeks study for each of 3 levels and passing them isn’t down to luck. If one is able to study effectively in a short space of time then it’s a viable strategy for them and anyone else that can cram like that. The OP was wondering if his 2 months available was enough and I am simply trying to say that if he can cram effectively and put in good hours per day then he should be OK.

“i clocked in close to 2000 hours,”

mister you’re a better man than I.

Yeah 2000 hours, Mystic82 - you should be spending more time in Orchard Towers and less time in Schweser!

Those must be the guys that drive up the MPS with their 95-100% results. :slight_smile: