"MMA Fighter Does Front Flip Off Knocked-Out Opponent, Gets Disqualified"



This is just like how GS hired thugs to beat me up after rejecting my job application.

i was just in an mma event this saturday. my cousin beat the shit out of this dude. IT WAS COOL. I didnt realize my cousin was so cool. his whole frat buddies came with a bunch of dimes. 1 a cheerleader for some pro fb team.

Weird fight.

I don’t need to go to official sporting events to see my cousin beat the sht out of random guys. He just goes to the street. Usually it’s some skinny guy holding a cappuccino. His hand is occupied and generally does not expect anything, which makes it easier. Also, is in a good neighborhood like Palo Alto, as the police usually aren’t around. Cousin Boris, related by marriage.

I imagine that flip of his would be even worse, or at least potentially being more dangerous, given that the guy was unconcious and his muscles weren’t tensed. Should get more than a dq.

Back in the old days, if some dingbat pulled a stunt like that he’d be in for a little street justice

Lol that guy got lucky the dude knocked himself out on the knee going for the takedown lol. Guy’s a can!

The Instagram-worthy lifestyle you portray is so impressive! Between being a junior researcher and these things, how on earth do you find the time to post on AF?!? lolz jk #yolo

How’d this make mainstream - never even heard of the LFA.

you’re being sarcastic. but its even more exciting than what i post here. but sadly its on a downtrend since i got a gf and we getting serious. FACK! she wants to get married. i told her lets move in first. shes accusing me of trying to get a trial run and ditching if things dont pan out. and its very true. lol

also for example that night i was in an mma event. i was suppose to get free bottles via my bitcoin friend in a top cluibs in los angeles: boulevard 3.


but i told my friend i couldnt make it cuz:

  1. my gf couldnt make it, cjuz we have to go to a fam brunch at teppan for my mom bday and easter sunday, and she was hanging with her cuz and sis earlier that saturday so she was tired and wanted to rest. if i had gone, odds are i will holler. we actually have plenty of rules on what i can and cannot do. have i violated? of course but only slightly :slight_smile:

  2. my fam all wanted to get krn bbq to celebrate my cousin’s pwnage. i usually go wit the flow. plus i love the krn bbq. dont really want to turn up after a heavy meal. dont really want to holler at other girls anyhow so without my gf going out its kind of a waste for me.

  3. lastly i didnt really get a nap. which is key to my turn up ness. i usually sleep 7 hrs. split between 2 sleeps 4 hrs at night before work. and 3 hrs post workout after work. anyways the mma fight event went from 1 to 8. then 8 to 10 we went to krn bbq. and i didnt have time to make it at my friend’s pad by 10 as i was in anaheim and he’s in redondo.

in any case, it dont matter, cuz he getting bottles again this weekend. so no harm no foul. lol. ISH free and its LIT.

^you owe it to the community to start a new thread titled Nerdy’s Ball & Chain

she wants to get married before you’ve even lived together? Alarm bells should be ringing loud mate.

yes yes yes. ive hear it all the time. but friends she doesnt care about the money.

and i actually believe her. shes sweet like that. she works with slow people.

anyways. im always careful. i kind of dont want to setlle down yet. but Im

So in love are we two That we don’t know what to do So in love (so in love) In a world of our own (so in love) As we walk by the sea together Under stars twinkling high above So in love are we two No one else but me and you So in love (so in love) So much in love (so in love)


anyways the reason why she doesnt want to live in together:

she comes from a traditional catholic mexican family. no living in sin bs. (huge plus cuz im catholic)

and i was brought up that way too, but when there is no punishment:

I don’t give a fuck cause I’m just Drinkin, smokin, straight West-coasting Bitches puttin ass in motion Pussy poppin, sex promotin Got a cup? [Raise it up] Got a blunt? [Blaze it up] That’s your bitch? [On these nuts] Really I don’t…[Give a fuck]


^been in your seat, but it was after dating for three years, not three weeks haha. Yall going to the kennel yet? names for your kids?

RIP nerdy poppin bottles stories. Bring in the baby changing station.

So true, it’s crazy how much life changes. I probably go to sleep when Nerdy goes out these days, and probably already up and cooking eggs when he is coming home. F yeah, ride or die big poppa

Why does she want to get married and not see first how it’s like to live together? Either she has some weird secret or Nerdy told her he is a tire company heir (50m) and she wants to lock it in asap.

“I have this girlfriend, she works with slow people (14m)”

You know, the description of nerdy as being like a living breathing instagram account really seems accurate.

i wish i had 50m. i wouldnt work. i think imma quit my job around 1m. thats my number. i’ll be a stay at home dad with several side biz.

when we do go out. i usually get to the clubs around 11 pm and stay our until 3 am. plus an hr if we eat out. but i dont sleep until around 5 am cuz i usually shower when i get home, then play video games a bit. this is funny because this is around the time i wake up for work.

We’re all rooting for you, nerdy. Git it.