Mock Exam ..should i be scared??

so having heard some terrible stories about this…I’ve been a little scared to take this test…fearing it’ll kill the little confidence i’ve managed to gather up in the last few days… but I’ve finally decided to suck it in …and just take it… just wanted to get an idea…how bad was it?

Not bad. More straightforward compared to Schweser and better written.

hmm…alright… anyone else still awake out there?

going to take it this weekend as well. the scores i’ve seen are lower than schweser. seems like 66 is a common score. with the exception of mcleod over here.

on my to do list for Sunday.

The mock was actually my highest score. Schweser always screws me up with their sh1tty questions.

Going to be doing it on Sunday along with 2008 AM test.

Doh…I totally forgot about that thing. OK…I need to fit that in on Sunday. Any later than that and a not so good result will absolutely kill my confidence.

Going to take it up tomorrow…will welcome your views after you take that…

So we’ll all go for it tomorrow? I’ll do the 2008 AM and 2009 Mock as well so I can time myself properly. And get a complete score too although I’m not sure I’ll be happy with that outcome.

Yeah I’m taking it today too.

I’m in for the mock on Sunday… McLeod… what was that score again? Gimme a benchmark here.

plyon, did you do the 2008 AM exam?

alright…so I survived… round about 68-69%…taking into consideration the yield beta question that was messed up …amazing how much 3 points can actually be worth! I’m surprised a lot of ya’ll haven’t taken it yet…I thought i’d be one of the last few…was hoping to get an idea about average scores… but I did alright on the 2008 AM too…actually the score was around the same as the mock…so if i had to average the two …i’d be close to 68-69% you think I can pass with that?? what can I do to get over that damn 70! I refuse to be Band 1 !!! :frowning:

This is the CFA mock…just the 60 afternoon Q’s? I took it yesterday…found it to be much easier than Schweser tests. I ended up getting a 75 on the mock…and I have been getting a consistent 60 on the schweser BS.

Took it a week ago. Scored 63, but got killed on the two derivatives vignettes (3/18 and 9/18). I found it very useful to spend a couple of hours to go over all my mistakes afterwards.

wow that’s great mumu, you are set to go!!! The required pass rate for essays was 55% back in 2003 (based on some document that was available through google last year which explained the MPS) and considering a 70% for the mock, somewhere around 65% you should be fine. And don’t forget you’ve got a week to go…

Yield beta you probably got right. Cfai is changing the question to have it equal one so that the answer is ok.

I’m planning to take the 2008 exam/mock exam combo sunday morning as well, so I will still have 5 days to repair my shattered confidence afterwards.

All I know is that I’m not ready for the pledge yet.