Mock exams 2021 L3

:slightly_smiling_face:Do you have idea when mocks are expected for L3 and published?

The Mock exams are already up on the CFA Institute website.

Are you talking about the CFAI Mocks or other Mocks exams from third party?

I am talking about new ones,published in 2021, not Boston Mocks 2020

OK. As per my understanding, they are released about 2 months before the exam. They might keep the mock exam same throughout 2021 for all Exam Cycles. Let’s see.

I really hope they make at least a new one, in order to better represent the new format and time.

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I agree. Number of questions also changing and the duration of the exam compared to 2020.

Dec L3 Passed ones, would you be able to share what Mocks did you use and how would you rank them?
Currently solving MM’s, but also considering to purchase:

Bill’s mocks

Are there other good mocks worth solving?

if there’s one thing i learned from bill’s mock, it’s how to answer questions super efficiently.

Can you please share the link of Bill Mocks. Is it S2000magician??

Konvexity mocks I have solves those are really tough ones

I believe that it is.

is there a consensus view on the boston institute mocks? Have seen elsewhere complaints that these were not really representative and not a good use of time/effort

also - are the historical CFAI mocks available anywhere?